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Reporting Overview

Your Relias system comes preloaded with a suite of 17 management reports designed to help you track everything from compliance across departments to the specific answers an individual learner gave to a single test question. 

ReportReport Description
Helpful Tips
Choosing the Right ReportSince choosing the right report is the most important step in getting the data you need, Relias breaks your reports into subject areas with descriptions and sample use cases for each report to help you down the right path.
Functions Common to Most ReportsThe process of choosing a hierarchy node, setting your query parameters, and understanding how to work with your report output are common across most Relias reports.
Course Enrollments and Completions
Course Completion HistoryView course completion records for individual course(s) and events.
Course EnrollmentsDetailed view: shows each user's status on an individual course for specific course attempts. Summary view: Shows number and percentage of users enrolled in individual courses by major filters.
Current Course ComplianceView compliance data for currently assigned requirements grouped by specific demographic filters.
Employee Training SummaryView completions for selected course(s) and/or event(s) for all learners within a specified date range.
Training HoursView list of completed courses/events by individual or report filter for selected date range.
Current Curriculum ComplianceShows curriculum compliance status for actively assigned curricula. Available in aggregated format for specific reporting filters.
Curriculum Completion HistoryShows historical completion and compliance data for curricula as of the reporting close date. Available in aggregate or for individual learners.
Learner ProfileView current instances of curricula enrollment and compliance for individual learners.
Exam ScoresView exam attempts and scores for individual course(s) and events.
Item AnalysisView answers to specific course exam questions either in aggregated format or for individual learner exam instances.
Course Evaluation Survey AnalysisView answers to specific course survey questions either in aggregated format or for individual learner survey instances.
Training EffectivenessCompare average pre- and post-exam scores for users who have completed specified trainings.
Live Events
Event AttendanceView roster of users enrolled in individual live event sessions.
Event ScheduleView list of events scheduled for a specified date range or associated with an individual Instructor.
Additional Reports
EEOCLists the number of enrollments and completion for each course by gender and ethnicity.
User DemographicsDetailed: Displays demographics information for individual users. Summary: Shows number and percentage of users assigned to each major filter.
Warning EmailsGenerate and send warning emails to learners and view most recent date warned.