Modifying User Profiles

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Modifying an Existing User's Profile

If you need to add, remove, or edit any information for a user, you can access those functions through the "Users" tab.  From this page, you can search for a user's name by typing in the search bar then clicking the "Magnifying Glass" icon.

Note: When using the search box, only enter the First OR Last name of the User, not both.

In this case the Administrator is searching for the name "Smith".

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You can also use the filters on the page, such as User Location, Department, and Job Title to search for users.

Check the box next to the filter you want to use.

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A drop-down menu will then appear. Select an option from the list to use the filter. In this case, the Job Title filter was selected. A job title can now be selected, and the list will then only show users with that job title.

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If your search results produced more than 200 users, you will see arrows located at the upper right of the user list, below "+Filters" and "xClear." Select the right arrow to proceed through the results.

You can edit user information by clicking on the student's name. When you make a change on the user profile screen, remember to click the "Save" button.

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Remember: If you are using Advanced Enrollment (auto-enrollment), a change in Job Title, Department, or User Location could change the courses, events and curricula the user is currently enrolled in.

Note: Only Administrators can change a users' user name after it has been created.

Modifying Course Enrollments and Completions from the User Profile

Clicking on the blue book icon will allow you to work with individual enrollment information. The icon can be found to the left of the user's name on the User List...

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... or from directly within the Learner's profile.

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