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The users tab is where you will add, activate, and edit your Learner's profiles.

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Notice: Administrators and Supervisors with User Management can activate, deactivate, and modify user profiles.


Section TitleDescription
User Management
Add a New UserLearn how to add new users to the site. Designed for adding a small number of users.
Uploading Users with the Import User Spreadsheet (IUSS)

Learn how to use the bulkload spreadsheet to add new users or update existing users in bulk

Activating/Deactivating UsersLearn how to activate and deactivate users
Export User Data to Excel Learn how to export user demographic data to excel
Modifying User ProfilesLearn how to modify user demographics for current users in your system.

Using the Learner Blue Book

The learner blue book is your one-stop shop for information about an individual learner’s training record.  From the blue book you can review assigned trainings, mark completions, or enroll your user in curricula, courses and event or career paths.
Using the Instructor Blue Book Learn how to use the Instructor Blue Book to view event sessions assigned to an Instructor
Working with External TrainingsLearn how to work with external trainings and manage learner training requests that require supervisory approval.
Hierarchy Overview In this area you will learn how to create and edit a hierarchy to group your users to you organizational reporting structure.
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