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Your Training and Enrollment Menu is your first stop for all functions having to do with modules and Training Plan creation, career paths, certificates and maintenance.  Review the following topics for complete information on specific features accessed through this menu.

Training Plans & Enrollment
Relias' Training Plan functionality is at the very core of your LMS. This feature bundles courses together, allowing you to quickly and easily assign courses to users (one course or several courses can be set up as a Training Plan) and report on their completions. Training Plans can be set to recur on a regular basis, such as with annual training requirements, or on a one-time only basis, such as for an orientation .
Creating a New Training PlanYou can create a new training plan by following four basic steps. All trainings bundled in a training plan will share a few key properties when assigned to learners. Here you can learn about the different training plan types and their implications for learners.
Modifying an Existing Training PlanWhether you want to adjust basic training plan properties, add or remove trainings, or swap one training for another, you'll need to understand the implications behind modifying your plans after they've been created and assigned to learners.
Enrolling Users in a Training PlanRelias is designed to do much of the work for you when it comes to enrolling learners in training plan. Even so, you may want to override some of the default settings, and here you can learn more about these features. 
Enrolling Users with Advanced Enrollment- Auto EnrollmentRelias has a wide variety of processes to make enrolling, reporting on, and maintaining your user base. Advanced Enrollment (auto enrollment)  allows you to assign courses to learners accurately and automatically.
Modules & Enrollment
Learn how to create or edit your own courses, or add your own content to Relias Learning courses.
Creating a New Course or EventWhether you're creating an online course, live event, or just setting up a requirement for tracking purposes, your first step will be to access the "+ New Module Tab" to set up your course.
Adding Content to an Existing TrainingNeed to use one of the courses that comes with your site, but want to add your own organization's policies?  Adding content to an existing training is a breeze with the course interface.
Module Search FiltersYour Relias system comes pre-built with a number of module search filters to help you find the modules you need. Plus, you’re not just limited to the pre-built filters; creating module search terms specific to your organization is a simple process as well.
Enrolling Users in Courses and EventsMany of the basic enrollment functions for modules and events are similar to the functionality of enrolling users in curricula. You can use the enrollment filters to search for users who are already enrolled or to enroll new learners, and the properties and modify buttons work in the same way as their curricula counterparts.
Career Paths & Enrollment
Career Paths and EnrollmentA career path is a recommended group of courses or events which you may assign to users.  The courses and events will appear under My Learning on the Current Training tab as elective trainings which the user may unenroll from.
Evaluation Templates
Creating an Evaluation TemplateCreate or edit template evaluation questions that can be reused on multiple courses.
Certificate OverviewCreate your own custom-designed certificates and associate them with your organization's courses and curricula.
Creating a New Certificate - The BasicsYour first step -- learn how to set up your certificate background and place text that will update dynamically to reflect each learner's information.
Assigning Certificates to TrainingsOnce you have your certificate, you'll want to indicate which courses or training plans are eligible for certificate credit.  Learn about how to assign certificates to trainings and vice versa, and how to use date ranges to make sure users aren't able to print certificates for ineligible completions.
Unique Features for CertificatesCertificates can be associated with training plans, but there are some limitations in play. Learn about which training plan types can be associated with certificates and the behavior you'll see if you use this feature.
Advanced FeaturesOnce you've got the basics down, you may need to create a certificate that has information that varies depending on the specific training, or that draws from a dynamically updating signature depending on the course instructor.
Understanding the Generic CertificateAll courses are eligible to receive a generic certificate. This section will help you understand the differences in behavior between the generic certificate and certificates associated with specific courses.
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