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Unique Features for Training Plan Certificates

Course-based certificates are designed to be printed out each time an individual course is completed. But what if you want to provide your learners with a certificate verifying that they have completed a group of trainings, such as a Training Plan? In other words, you don't want separate certificates for Courses A, B and C, you want a single form showing that the learner completed ALL of the material contained within Courses A, B and C.

In this case, you will want to take advantage of Relias' Training Plan Certificate feature.

Training Plan -based certificates behave in many of the same ways as course-based certificates. You will build the certificate through the interface in the same way you would for a course, and you will use a similar interface to assign start and end dates to the Training Plan -certificate association you would for courses.

However, there are a few ways in which Training Plan certificates behave differently from course certificates.

Permitted Training Plan Types

If you are unfamiliar with how Relias training plans behave you should review the materials on An Overview of Training Plans, and review the correct type of training plan before proceeding.

In order to associate a certificate with a training plan, Relias must be able to calculate a completion date -- a way of putting a stake in the ground and saying "as of this date, all modules within this training plan were completed."

This type of certificate can only be assigned to a non-recurring training plan,or a completion based dynamic recurring training plan.  Since courses don't rollover within a non-recurring training plan, it's very easy to look at the reporting start date for the learner enrollment and determine whether each course in the training plan has been completed at least once since that date.

For recurring training plans that are not completion based (such as the Completion Based Dynamic Recurring type) , the nature of the rollover dates makes this type of certificate difficult to apply.  Courses rollover as soon as they are completed (or at least once the lockout period has passed), and courses can be completed using a look back date, or an "Acceptance Window".  Therefore, non-recurring
training plans or a completion based dynamic recurring are the only types of Training Plans that Relias permits to be associated with certificates.

How Are Credit Hours Calculated with Training Plan Certificates?

You can associate credit hours and completion dates with training plan certificates. Relias will calculate these for you automatically.

Credit hours will simply be the sum of all credit hours for individual courses in the training plan. If you have a one-hour, two-hour and four-hour course in your training plan, the learner will receive seven hours credit on his or her certificate.


In some cases, a learner may complete a single course multiple times (e.g., if the course overlaps in another training plan). However, Relias will only count each course once toward the training plan credit hours.


The completion date for the training plan is the last date a course was completed within the training plan. If our user completed courses on April 1, April 5 and April 15, Relias would assign the completion date of April 15 to the training plan.



Selecting a Training Plan Certificate (already created) to go with your new Training Plan


As shown below, once you have created a non-recurring training plan and click Save, you will see a certificate tab on the "Basics" page of the Training Plan menu.  This is where you can go to choose which (already created) certificate you would like to associate with the course by clicking the "Certificates" tab.  Please review Certificates - Creating a Custom Certificate if you have questions about building your certificate, or Assigning Certificates to Selected Trainings for instructions on how to apply your custom certificates to your custom courses. 





 On the next screen, you will be prompted to click +Add Certificates to view the list of eligible Training Plan certificates.  




Check the one you would like to apply to the Training Plan and enter in a start and end date.  This date range is the amount of time that particular certificate is available to be printed.  You may only want the training plan certificate to be active for the calendar year and then create a new one to replace it with next year. If you leave the end date blank, the certificate will apply indefinitely.   Once you are done, click Add. 


On the next screen, you will see verification that your Training Plan certificate has been applied. Select Save. 




Retrieving a Training Plan Certificate

Once a user completes the final course within a training plan associated with a certificate, the record of that Training Plan completion automatically moves to his or her transcript tab. The training plan record will appear immediately beneath the individual course completion records, and the learner may print his or her certificate exactly the same way as an individual course certificate. You can review this procedure in the Learner View - Licenses & Certifications  article, under the Printing or Emailing Certificates section. 

The learner blue book obeys the same rules as the learner transcript tab. If you have turned certificate printing on for supervisors and administrators in your site, they will be able to print training plan certificates in the same way they would for courses.


Return to the Certificates - Creating a Custom Certificate article, or our master list of topics in the The Relias Platform How-To-Manual