Career Paths & Enrollment

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Career Paths

The Career Paths section is located under Learning > Modules > Career Paths &Enrollment 



A career path is a group of modules which may be assigned to a Learner (or multiple Learners) as a package, in multiple levels.  For example, you may develop a career path for Learner that consists of 2 levels, and each level consists of a group of courses.  Level 1 might contain entry-level modules, and level 2 might contain more advanced-level modules.  The idea is that the modules will help them gain the necessary skills or knowledge to move forward in their career.  You can create as many levels, and add as many modules to each level, as you deem necessary. 

Creating Career Paths

Only Administrators can create career paths.  To create a new career path, click on the "+New Career Path" button.

Enter a title and description, and click the Save button when done.  The screen will expand to show additional sections: Levels, Career Path, and Details.

Begin creating your first level of training by entering a name, the description is optional. 

Next, you can begin to add modules for Level 1 training by clicking on the drop down arrow next to "Add Course".

Once you locate the module you are looking for, select the Relationship which indicates whether this module is Required, Optional, or Either/Or.  Click the Add button when done.

Select additional modules by clicking on the drop down arrow again next to Add Course, and then clicking the Add button when finished.  You will see that the Career Path and Details sections are now populated with your Level 1 Training.

When you are done with the first level of training, you may add additional levels by clicking on the "Add New Level" button. Continue adding levels and modules as needed, and click the Save button when you are done.

Your career path will be added to the Career Path List. 

Editing/Deleting a Career Path

You may modify a career path by clicking on the title. This will bring you to the details page where you can make your edits.  Click the Save button when done.

To delete a career path, check the box to the left of the title and click the Delete button.

If you do not want to delete the career path entirely, you can unapprove it from this same screen.  Check the box next to the title and click the UnApprove button. Please note: A Career Path cannot be deleted if learners are still enrolled.

Enrolling Users into a Career Path

After your career path is created, you may enroll Learners into it.  To enroll a Learner, click on the blue graduate icon all the way to the right of the career path title. 

This will bring you to the Currently Enrolled section of the Enrollment page.  Here you will see any Learners that are already enrolled. If you need to unenroll a Learner, you can do so by checking the box to the left of the Learner's name and clicking the Unenroll button.

To enroll a Learner, click on the Enrollment tab.  This will bring you to a list of available Learners. Check the box next to the Learners you wish to enroll and click the Enroll button.

Please Note:  The modules you select will appear as electives under the Learner's Current Training tab.  This means the modules are optional and the Learner can choose to take them or withdraw from them.  It is also important to note that the modules will display in alphabetical order, not necessarily in the order of the levels you have created.  At this time, there is no way to prevent the Learners from taking the modules "out of order." 

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