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Adding Content to a Relias Course

We recommend supplementing this article with our Creating a Custom Module on the Relias Platform  from our Video Tutorials library. 

It is possible to add your own custom information or learning materials to Relias authored courses as additional lessons.  To do so, go to Learning (1) > Modules (2) > Module List (3), and then locate the course you wish to modify in the Module List by Searching For ModulesClick on the title of the module you wish to modify.
Adding Content to a Relias course.

This will take you into the module's Properties page.  From there, click the Content tab along the top.

Adding Your Own Content

On the module's Content tab, you will see the Content Outline.  You can add your own content by clicking +Add Lesson.

Clicking +Add Lesson will allow you to add any of the four lesson types:


To learn more about the types of content you can add, please view our Course article.

  1. Author Content: A single, text-only slide with options for HTML and basic word processing.
  2. File: Upload a file from your computer (e.g., Word Document, PowerPoint presentation).  When the Learner accesses this lesson, the file must be downloaded and opened.  However, if you upload a PowerPoint file, our system can convert to SCORM.  This means the .PPT file will play in the browser -- rather than require the Learner to download and open the PPT file.  Learn more about SCORM and this process at PowerPoint to SCORM Converter
  3. URL: A link to an external website address.
  4. Video: Upload a video file from your computer.  Relias will host this video on our private Vimeo account.  This will allow your Learners to stream your uploaded videos in the browser -- rather than require the Learner to download and open the video file.

Click the radio button circles for the lesson you wish to add.  Then, follow the on-screen options for that selection.  For example, if you choose File, you will be given the option to Browse your computer for the file you wish to upload.



Helpful Tip: by default, when you add a new lesson, your content will appear at the end of the content outline after the Final Exam.  If the content is intended to be supplemental but is not required for course completion, leave the content where it is, after the Final Exam.  If you want the content to be required viewing, after you have added the lesson, click on the gray parallel lines icon to the left of the lesson title and drag the course to your selected place in the content outline.  The Learner will then be required to view your lesson before accessing the Final Exam to complete the module.



Please Note: you cannot move your content between the Relias Learning lesson and the Relias Learning Final Exam.  Also, content you add to a Relias Learning course will only appear in your own organization's RLMS. If the course is archived and replaced, you will need to re-add your content to the new course.


Modifying or Deleting your Custom Lesson

If you wish to modify OR delete a lesson you have added, click on the title of your lesson.



This will return you to the lesson editor, where you can make any needed changes and save to update, OR delete to remove the lesson from the module.


If you are trying to update an outdated file, you can simply Browse for a new file and click Save.  This will overwrite the old file you had and replace it with a new one.  There is no need to delete the old lesson and create a new one.



Please Note:you cannot delete your lesson if it has an exam attached to it.  If you wish to delete your lesson, you must first delete the exam or move the exam to a different lesson by changing the drop-down menu Place Lesson Under. @editing 


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