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Creating Evaluations

Evaluations allow you to solicit feedback from Learners about the course they have taken.  The answers submitted by your Learners to an evaluation are retrievable in the Course Evaluation Survey Analysis Report You can create an evaluation as part of a Coursethat you have built To begin adding an evaluation to your course, open the course and click on the Evaluation tab.


  1. Determine whether you want the answers to your evaluation to be Anonymous
    • If you choose Yes, the Learners who complete your evaluation will not be identified on the Course Evaluation Survey Analysis Report. 
    • If you choose No, Learner names will be visible on the report. 
  2. Visible to Learners will determine whether your evaluation is published and available to your Learners if they have been enrolled into the module.  Set this to Yes if you intend your learners to have access to your evaluation; set it to "No" if your evaluation is still in a draft format, or if you wish for no one to see the evaluation.
  3. Add Evaluation Questions
    • You can add questions from pre-built templates if you already have some created.  For more information about how to pre-build evaluation templates, please visit Evaluation Templates.
      • You can choose to utilize an existing Evaluation Template by selecting one from the Evaluation Template drop-down menu.  If you choose a template this way, the template is applied to your evaluation, but you will not be able to modify any of the questions.  However, if the questions are modified via the Evaluation Templates section of the site, any changes made there will also be reflected here.
      • Alternatively, you can choose to Copy Questions from a Template.  This adds all questions from a given template to the current evaluation you are building.  You can modify the questions as needed, and add questions from multiple templates.  However, if you add questions this way, any changes to your evaluation templates made under the Evaluation Templates section of the site will not be reflected in the questions you have previously copied to your evaluation.
    • In all cases, you can add additional questions as needed using the +Add button.  When you click +Add you will be taken to the Evaluation Question editor:

For Question Type you can choose from Multiple Choice: Radio Buttons, Essay, or Range (e.g., on a scale from 1-5, select how likely you are to refer this course to a friend).  You can then designate the available multiple choices or range selections in the Choice fields below.  Essay type will always give the Learner a blank field to type the response.  This response will then become available to read on the Course Evaluation Survey Analysis Report.  Make sure to Save once you finish the Question information.  Continue to Add until you have added all Questions, and Save the evaluation.   


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