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You can create an exam as part of a custom Course that you built, or as part of a lesson you added to a Relias course.  Exams are used to gauge your Learners' comprehension of the lesson they completed, and must be associated with a specific lesson, so you can only create as many exams as you have course lessons.  However, even if you have multiple exams, only one can be flagged as the Final Exam.  Successful completion of the Final Exam completes the course (or permits access to the course evaluation if you have required this on the Properties tab).  In general, you will want the Final Exam to be associated with the final lesson in the course. This keeps Learners from being marked complete for a training before reviewing all of the content. 

Creating Exams

To begin adding an exam to your course, click the Exams tab in your course.  Then click the Add button next to the lesson for which you wish to create the exam:
exam screenshot.png
This will take you to the Exam Attributes page. 
Input your desired for each of the following fields:create exam screenshot.png

  • Exam Type: The type of exam: Exam, Pre-Test, Test Out, and Final Exam
    • Exam will require a Learner to successfully pass, but will not trigger a completion for the course.  Exams are often used to test comprehension of a single lesson, while a Final Exam  may be used to test comprehension of all lessons.
    • A Pre-Test will require Learners to take an exam to test their knowledge before they access any course content, but will not trigger a completion for the course. 
    • Test Out will allow Learners to take an exam before they access any course content, and a successful completion (i.e., achieving a passing score in the defined # of attempts allowed) will trigger a completion for the course. 
    • Final Exam will always trigger a completion for the course upon successful passing.
  • Lesson: The lesson to which the exam is attached.
  • Passing Score: The percentage of questions the Learner must answer correctly in order to successfully complete an exam.
  • Questions/Page: The number of questions you wish to appear per page for the exam.
  • Total Questions: The total number of questions the Learner must answer on the exam.
  • No. of Attempts: The number of times a Learner can access an exam to attempt to complete it before he/she is locked out.  If the Learner fails on each allotted attempt, he/she will not be allowed to access the exam again until the course is reset by an Administrator or Supervisor.  Entering "0" will allow infinite attempts. For any learner that has used all possible exam attempts, a reset button will be located in the grade column on the learner’s bluebook and the Currently Enrolled page for that particular course enrollment.  The reset button will allow the administrator or enrollment supervisor to reset the learner’s number of exam attempts, thus giving the learner the same number of exam attempts designated on the exam attributes page to pass the exam:



  • Allow Learner to View Results Report: No means that when a Learner completes an exam, the site will not show a summary report of his/her answers to the exam questions.  Always Display Correct Answers will always show the Learner which questions were answered correctly and incorrectly, and will show the correct answers to each question.  Never Display Correct Answers will show the Learner which questions were answered correctly and incorrectly but will not provide the correct answers for any questions.  Only Display Correct Answers After Last Attempt will show the Learner the correct answers to each question after he/she has exhausted all attempts allotted in No. of Attempts and/or passed the Final Exam. 
  • Approved:  You must check the Approved check box in order to approve, i.e., publish, the exam, and make it available to Learners enrolled into the course.  If you do not check this box, the exam will not appear in the course for your Learners.
  • Randomization: Check this box if you wish to randomize the order of the questions in your exam OR if you wish to randomize which questions appear on the exam.  If you have more questions in your Exam than you have designated under Total Questions this check box will randomize which questions appear on the exam.
  • Require Attestation Statement: If you choose "Yes", learners will see the corresponding statement and must attest in order for the exam to be completely submitted. If you do not customize your attestation statement, Relias will provide a default statement for you (seen below).


You must add 1 to the "Total Questions" box  to allow for the attestation statement to appear


*Once you have made all selections, click the blue Create Exam button to create your exam.  It will now appear under the Exams tab.  To modify these settings at any time, click the Review/Edit button.  You can also click Delete to remove the exam from your course.

Adding Questions to the Exam

To begin adding questions to the exam, click Create Exam and the Questions Window will open below Exam Attributes.

You will then have the option to Add a new question to the Exam, or Add a question from Question Pool.  Select the desired option.

The Add button allows you to add a new question to your exam, and clicking it will take you to the question editor:

  • Question Type: Choose from Multiple Choice (Radio Button), Yes/No, True/False, and Fill-in-the-Blank.
  • Add to Question Pool: If you select this option, when you Save your question it will be added to your site's Exam Question Pool and be available to Add From Question Pool in any other exams you create in the future.
  • Mandatory: If you select this option, the site will always include this question in your exam, even if the questions are randomized, or if the number of questions available exceeds the number to include in the exam.
  • Question: Input the text for your question here.
  • HTML Attributes: By default, exam questions appear in plain text, but if you select this option you can use a basic word processing editor, or add your own HTML code to the question text.


Then input the text for each available answer in the Choice fields (if applicable).  Click the radio button for the answer you wish to designate as the correct answer.  You can also input Feedback text, which will be displayed when a Learner completes the Exam and receives the Results Report, which you can add under Attributes.



If you have added questions to your site's Exam Question Pool you can also choose to add questions from there by selecting Add Question from Question Pool.  Click and this option and you will taken to a question selector displaying all questions available from the Exam Question Pool section of the site:



Simply place a check mark next to the question you wish to add to your exam and click Add.  You can click on the text of a question to see its details, including the answers.  However, to modify one of the questions you must go through the Exam Question Pool section of the site.  For more information about the adding questions to your site's question pool, please visit Exam Question Pool. Once questions have been added you can Edit individual questions by clicking the Edit icon next to each question:



Click "Save" when you have finished inputting the above information:


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