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This is a comprehensive list of all missions and challenges available in Relias Connect and Relias events.  This will include all point totals, how to earn the points, and whether or not they are repeatable. Use the Table of Contents to jump to a certain section!



Repeatable Missions


Mission NamePointsDescriptionImage
I Should Look at This2Be @ mentioned by someoneIshouldlookatthis100x100png14740ea4b4e.png
Check it Out2@ mention someoneLookatthis100x100jpg14741039cde.jpg
Pay It Forward2Like a comment and have your comment likedpayitforward100x100png14769d7d754.png

What's Your Status?

2Create a Status Updatestatus100x100png14769d24906.png
Remember Me!5Bookmark your favorite contentBookmark100x100png147cba9f692.png
Hey, Listen to Me5Create a blog postheylistentome100x100png14740e92ef5.png
I Like You5Have your status update likedilikeyou100x100png14769c8cb4a.png
Pencil Pusher5Create a new documentpencilpusher100x100jpg14740eb1b23.jpg
People Like My Idea5Have your idea voted onPeoplelikemyidea100x100png14740eb7502.png
The Helper5Get your responses to questions marked as helpfulthehelper100x100png14740ebd4e3.png
Working Hard5Posting or responding to a question or discussionworkinghard100x100png14769dea54c.png
You Have My Vote5Vote on an ideayouhavemyvote100x100jpg14740ec28af.jpg
I Have an Idea!25Create an IdeaIhaveanidea100x100png14740e97a45.png
I Know It! I Know It!30Have your answer marked as correctIknowit100x100jpg14740e9e008.jpg
Stay In Touch!30Log in to Relias Connect 25 times over 30 daysstayintouch100x100png14769dc4a60.png
Webinar-er200Attend a Relias Learning webinar (please allow 1 week for points to show) Repeatable Monthlywebinar100x100png1478cbb9c53.png
Regional Insights Training300You attended one of our Regional Insights Eventsregional conference.jpg

Participated in a product discovery with Relias' Product Management team.

(Contact Vincent Lewis if you would like to be a future Discoverer)

The Great Thinker500

Your idea was chosen to be implemented! Thank you!!



Easy Challenges -  Not Repeatable - Up to 25 points


Mission NamePointsDescriptionImage
Admit One15Log in 10 times over 30 daysadmitone100x100png136610f4f97.png
Brown Noser25Follow an influential user to get important updates  
Groupie25Follow a space
In The Game25Set up your avatar
Fan Favorite25Mark 5 items as favorites this monthconnectlikeyou100x100png136610fb673.png


edium Missions - 50 points


Mission NamePointsDescriptionImage
41150Update your status411-75x75.png
Contributor50Create a documentcontributer-75x75.png
Forget-me-not50Bookmark your favorite pageforgetmenot-75x75.png
Judgmental Judy50Rate somethingjudgementaljudy-75x75.png
Knowledge is Power50Mark an answer helpful or correctknowledgeispower_75x75.png
Scout50Perform your first search using the search barscout-75x75.png
Vote for Pedro50Vote on your first pollvoteforpedro-75x75.png
Your Opinion Counts50Like something for the first timeyouropinioncounts-75x75.png
Champion50Get a response marked helpful AND one marked correctheavyweight100x100png136610f8618.png
Hall Monitor50Mark 5 responses as helpful AND correct this monthviewcontent100x100png13661102dc3.png
Indestructible50Have 5 of your comments likedbuildcustomstream100x100png13661105874.png
Influencer50Get followed by 5 peopleteamplayer100x100png13661108113.png
Loudmouth50Post 10 replies to questions this monthloudmouth100x100png1366110a0eb.png
On a Roll50Reply to 2 questions OR 2 discussionsroll75x75png13660658ca9.png
Read and Rate50Rate 3 documentsreadandrate100x100png1366110d4a6.png
Sharing is Caring50Share 5 status updatessharing100x100png1366110f8f3.png


Hard Missions - 75 points


Mission NamePointsDescriptionImage
My First App75Install your first appmyfirstapp_75x75.png
Pollster75Create a pollpollster-75x75.png
Teacher's Pet75Ask your first questionteacherspet-75x75.png
You're It75Use a tagyoureit-v1-75x75.png


Very Hard Missions - 100 points



Mission NamePointsDescriptionImage
Docu-mentor100Upload your first documentdocumenter-75x75.png
Dr. Popular100Have your status liked for the first timedrpopular-75x75.png
Helper100Have your answer marked helpfulhelper_75x75.png
Know-it-All100Have your answer marked correctknowitall-75x75.png
Soap Box100Create your first blog postsoapbox-75x75.png
10111101100Have your uploaded file downloaded twiceproductinfo100x100png13661149bda.png
Gearhead100Upload 3 filessetupindustry100x100png136610fe6df.png


Special Missions


Mission NamePointsDescriptionImage
Armed Forces100Be a current or past member of the armed forces (message Brett Carpenter to gain this badge)airforcepng1471b953665.png armypng1471b967ee6.png coastguardpng1471b973294.png marinepng1471b97b947.png navypng1471b984667.png
Expert Responder500Successfully answer 50 questions and have 50 helpful responses. You are an expert!expert responder.png
Champion Responder1000Successfully answer 100 questions and have 100 marked as helpful. You know your stuff and are a go-to person for an answer!champion responder.png
2014 Relias Learning User Conference Attendee750You joined us in Nashville, TN for our 2014 User conference!2014userconference100x100png147a693baeb.png
2014 User Conference Testimonial500You provided a testimonial during our user conference in Nashville!testimonial2014100x100.png
2015 Impact Nation Attendee1000You attended Impact Nation 2015 in New Orleans, LA!2015-impact-nation-attendee.png
2015 Impact Nation Testimonial500Thank you for providing a testimonial at Impact Nation 2015!2015-testimonial.png
Relias Learning Presenter500

Thank you for being a presenter for a webinar or conference!


If you would like to be a presenter, please message Andrew Simpson

Relias Learning Certified Level I1000Pass our level 1 certification course740_CM_REL_ReliasConnect_CertificationBadges_Level1.png
Relias Learning Certified Level II1500Pass our level 2 certification  course740_CM_REL_ReliasConnect_CertificationBadges_Level2.png
Relias Learning Certified Level III2000Pass our level 3 certification course740_CM_REL_ReliasConnect_CertificationBadges_Level3.png

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