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Supervisor Dashboard Overview

Upon logging into the RLMS, you will be taken to your dashboard. Depending on your user role, access, and settings, this view may vary.  As a Supervisor, your dashboard will look similar to the dashboard shown below.



The main areas of the dashboard are Training Performance and Course Update Summary.  Your dashboard may also include the following areas: Announcements, My Saved Reports, and News.

Please feel free to visit this document to print out a handy tri-fold "cheat sheet": RLMS Supervisor Quick Guide - Trifold Printable (with Versions for all Permissions)

Training Performance

Training Performance displays a quick reference chart of your Learners' training completions.  For more detailed information, you will want to run a report (Please see Functions Common to Most Reports for an overview on running reports).  By default, the Course Status Chart will display.  For Supervisors, this shows your hierarchy folder's course status percentages from the current quarter.  Details on your hierarchy folder can be found by hovering your mouse over the data bar. The information in the chart is updated overnight.



Course Update Summary

Course Update Summary provides a quick view of any recent and upcoming updates and changes to Relias Learning modules.  The chart shows the date the update occurred, the type of change that took place, and the title of the module.  The final column, In Use, will have a check mark if anyone in your organization is currently enrolled in that module.  The Learner(s) may be enrolled through a training plan, manual enrollment, or they may have enrolled in the module as an elective.  You can toggle through the pages of updates by clicking the left and right arrows above and below the chart.



Additional Dashboard Areas

Along the right side of your dashboard, you may have several additional areas including Announcements, My Saved Reports, Company Links, and News. Depending on your site settings, these areas may vary.


Announcements will provide important information and updates from your organization.  To read an announcement, click on the title.  Announcements are created and updated by your Relias Administrator(s).



My Saved Reports will provide quick access to any reports you have saved.  To run the report, just click on the title.  To learn more about saved reports, please see Reports - Saving a Report.



Newsfeed is a feed of current events in your field.  To read the full article, click on the title.  Your Relias Administrator(s) may choose to have this feature on or off for your site.


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