Dashboard Overview: The Instructor Role

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Instructor Dashboard Overview

Upon logging into the Relias Platform, you will be taken to your dashboard. Depending on your user role, access, and settings, this view may vary. As an Instructor, your dashboard will look similar to the dashboard shown below. Please see Users - Permissions and Job Roles  for any questions regarding access to functionality with the Relias Platform. 


The main areas of the dashboard are Module List, My Sessions, and Course Update Summary. Your dashboard may also include the following areas: Announcements, My Saved Reports, and News. 

Module List

The Module List displays a quick list of all the Modules that you can manage. By clicking on the title of a module, you can quickly be taken to the module properties where you will be able to update the module, and create sessions (if working with a Live Event). By clicking on the blue graduate icon, you can quickly enroll staff into a module and/or session. You also have quick access to create new modules by clicking on the + New Module button. For more information about managing Live Events, please see Creating a Live Event.  To learn more about other Module types, please view Modules - Creating a Module 

Please Note: Instructors are limited to only viewing and managing modules that they have created.  As an Instructor, you cannot view modules that have been created by Relias, or even by other users within your organization.


My Sessions

My Sessions will display a list of sessions of which you are the assigned Instructor. You will see the Event Title, Location, Start Date, and Time, Duration, Instructors, Max Seats, Attendance Code, and Enrolled information for each session.




Event Title provides the name of the module that your session relates to. This lets you know what material should be addressed in the session.


Location, Start Date and Time  provides the details about when and where your session will be held. Clicking on the location name will take you to the Session Enrollment page. You can also click the blue Add Session to Outlook link to add the session to your Outlook Calendar.


Duration shows the amount of time scheduled for the training.


Instructors will display a list of all Instructors assigned to this session. You may see multiple Instructors listed.


Max Seats will show if there is a limit to the number of people who can attend the session. If the Enrolled column shows more people enrolled than the Max Seats allow, the extra staff have been added to the Waitlist. The Waitlist feature can be enabled or disabled when creating the session


Attendance Code allows you to quickly see if an Attendance Code has been enabled for this session. A check mark means an attendance code is available.


Enrolled displays the number of users enrolled in a session. Click on the blue graduate icon to be taken to the Session Enrollment page where you can  manage the sessions you created, and record attendance


Course Update Summary

Course Update Summary provides a quick view of any recent and upcoming updates and changes to Relias Learning modules. The chart shows the date the update occurred, the type of change that took place, and the title of the module. The final column, In Use, will have a check mark if anyone in your organization is currently enrolled in that module. The Learner(s) may be enrolled through a training plan, manual enrollment, or they may have enrolled in the module as an elective. You can toggle through the pages of updates by clicking the left and right arrows above and below the chart.



You can view more details by clicking on the blue View All Details link.


Additional Dashboard Areas

Along the right side of your dashboard, you may have several additional areas including Announcements, My Saved Reports, Company Links, News, and Prescriber's Letter. Depending on your site settings, these areas may vary.


Site Settings - Announcements will provide important information and updates from your organization. To read an announcement, click on the title. Announcements are created and updated by your Relias Administrator(s).





The Newsfeed is a feed of current events in your field. This is also called   Site Settings - Articles/ News Section  . Click the title of the article to see the entirety of its content.   Your Relias Administrator(s) may choose to have this feature on or off for your site.



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