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Scheduling Automated Reports

Please supplement this article by viewing our Reports- Saving and Automating Reports  video from our Video Tutorials .

The functionality to schedule automated reports that are sent to your email address make tracking and reporting compliance a simple process.

The first step to scheduling automated reports is to create a saved report on your Reports page.  To learn how to do this please visit our Saving a Report article.

To schedule your saved report to automatically send to yourself, other Administrators, Supervisors, or Instructors, go to your Reports tab and click the "Envelope" icon to the left of your saved report.

Section 1: Schedule allows you to set the schedule for your report.

First, you will have the option to choose if you would like the report to be sent Monthly or Weekly.  If you choose Monthly, you can specify the day of the month it will be sent every month.  For example, if you chose 1, the report will be emailed to the recipients on the 1st of every month.

If you choose Weekly, you will have the ability to choose which day of the week the report is delivered.  For example, if you choose Monday, the report will generate an email to the specified recipients every Monday.

In this section, you will also have the ability to choose which file format your report will be sent: PDF, Excel (XLS), or CSV.

Finally in the Schedule section, you will have the ability to add an optional Subject and Message field for the email containing the report.

Section 2: Recipients allows you to choose which Administrators and/or Supervisors will receive this report.

First, you will click the "+ Add Users" button

In the new "Add Users" window that appears, check the box(es) next to the Administrator(s), Supervisor(s), and/or Instructor(s) that you wish to receive the report.  Then click the "Add Users" button.  If you would like to receive this report, be sure to check the box next to your name as well.

This will send the chosen individuals to the Recipients section.

To remove recipients, check the box to the left of his or her name and click the "Remove" button.

Once you have set your preferences for Schedule and Recipients, scroll to the top of the page and click the "Save" button.  Now, the report will be automatically run on the schedule you specified and emailed to the designated recipients. 

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