External Training Templates

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External Training Templates

The External Training Templates section is located under the Training & Enrollment tab.



What are External Training Templates?

External training occurs outside of the RLMS, but can be tracked within the RLMS.  Examples include conferences or other professional training sessions such as CPR or First Aid training.  If Administrators allow it, Learners may enter their external training into the RLMS so that they are visible on their transcripts.  If Learners are unable to enter their own external training completions, Administrators and Supervisors can enter them for their staff under the Learners' blue books. 


The External Training templates feature was created so that there is consistency among those entries for easier tracking and reporting.  For instance, a training template for CPR Training is useful so that one Learner does not enter "CPR" and another enters "CPR Training."  When entering external training, Learners, Administrators, and/or Supervisors will be able to select a template from a drop-down box.  If they do not find an appropriate template, they will have the option of selecting "Other" and creating their own external training.


Creating an External Training Template

Only Administrators can create new templates.  To create a new template, click on the "+New Template" button.  Enter a name for the template and the credit hours associated with it (both are required fields, indicated by *).  You can also enter the description, purpose, and location.  Before you save your template, make sure you check Yes under the Approved section.





Editing an External Training Templates

To edit an external template, click on the name of the template to go back to the details page.  You can also approve, unapprove, or delete a template from the same screen by clicking on the box to the left of the template name.  Then, you can click on the Delete, Approve, or Unapprove button.


Please Note: Only external templates with no completions can be deleted.





Reporting on External Training Templates

External Training can be included in the Relias Course Completion History report.  Entries under the same external training template will be grouped together.


Assigning an External Training Template

External Training can be assigned by the Administrator through the learner's blue book. 

The Training Template MUST be approved first (in the template properties). 

Go to Users > Look up the user > Select the bluebook logo/

Make sure you are on the transcript tab on the next screen. 
Select the "Add External Course" option





Select the External Training you want and fill in the remainder of your Training record for the individual learner: 

You can also add an attachment to the Training records. Simply browse and upload a file or a certificate (recommended) to the External Training record. 



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