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How to Get to Your Module List

In order to get to your module list, go to Learning and then Modules on the left hand navigation panel.


Searching for Modules

This will expand your Training Plan and Modules bullet points. 


Searching for Modules 2


From this location, you can click Module List to search for a Module, as well as enroll Learners directly into modules, create new modules (learn more at Creating a Module), or click on a Module's name to manage module-related settings.


How to Search the Module List

There are two simple ways to search the module list:


  1. Alphabetically: The module list is organized alphabetically by module title.  It displays 100 modules on a page at a time.  You can scroll through the module list and use the arrow buttons to navigate between pages.  You can also click any of the column headers (title, type, approved, or enrolled) to sort the module list by that value.  For example, clicking on the Enrolled header will sort the module list by number of enrolled Learners, first least-to-most, then most-to-least (if you click Enrolled again).
  2. The Search Box: The best way to perform simple searches in the module list is to use the search box:


Here you can input your desired search terms.  The search function will look for matches in the title, course description, and the module code of all modules in your site.  The search function will locate any titles or module codes that contain your search term.  For example, if you are looking for modules on "Fire Safety", it is advisable to search for the word fire.  The search function will show any modules that contain the word fire in the title:



You can also search for exact titles and/or module codes if you know them.  Just be aware that if you include more information than is contained in a title or code, the search may not find results.  For example, searching for Fire Safety Inservice will not return any search results, because there is no module title that contains all of those terms.  When in doubt, search for the least information possible for the most results.

Advanced Search Options

You can use the various Filters available to sort the Module List by a variety of different values.  The Module List will always display four filters across the top by default.  These are: All Types (i.e., Module Type), All Owners (i.e., Module Owner), All Certificates, and Approved:

Each filter has a
default setting.  In this case, the filters are set to show modules with all types, owners, and certificates and only modules that have been Approved for Enrollment.  If you click on the filter, you can see the other values available for selection:


Module List


When you select one of these values from a filter's drop-down menu, the Module List will re-load and apply the new filter.  The Module List will be narrowed to include only modules that meet the criteria of the selected filters.


Examples: If you wish to see only a specific module Type, you can do so by clicking All Types and selecting the desired value from the drop-down menu.  If you select Events from the All Types drop-down, the page will briefly re-load and only Event-type modules will appear in the Module List.


Or, if you wish to see only modules created by your organization, you can do so by clicking All Owners and selecting "Your Organization Name" from the drop-down menu.  The page will briefly re-load and only modules created by your organization will appear in the Module List.


Type, Owner, Certificates, and Approved are the default filters, but many others are available if you click the "+Filters" button underneath the search box:



To use one of these filters, you must click the square check box next to the filter you wish to use.  This will then cause a new filter drop-down menu to appear on the top of the Module List:



You can now use the new filter simply by clicking on its drop-down menu.


Descriptions of Available Filters

  • Type: This filter sorts by module type -- course, event, requirements tracker, skills checklist, or performance review.
  • Owner: This filter is used to select modules based on who created it. For example, your organization or Relias Learning.
  • Approved: This filter shows modules that have been either Approved or Unapproved for enrollment.
  • Certificates: This filter is used to sort modules by which certificates/approvals they carry.
  • Category: This filter is used to select modules by subject.
  • Training Plan: This filter is used to select modules by the training plans that contain them.
  • Instructor: This filter is used to select modules by the Instructor(s) assigned to them.
  • Observer: This filter is used to select skills checklists by the Observer(s) assigned to them.
  • Audio: Indicates whether the module requires the Learner to have audio enabled on his or her PC.
  • Video: Indicates whether the module contains video clips or is a "full video" course.
  • Flash: Indicates whether the module requires Adobe Flash.
  • 508 Compliance: Indicates whether the course is compliant with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act requiring Federal agencies to make their electronic and information technology accessible to people with disabilities.  Typically courses marked "508 Compliant" are also indicated as "ADA Compliant" and should be compatible with most screen-reading software.
  • Brainsparks: Indicates which modules have Brainsparks questions as a follow up after the course completion. 
  • NEW! Languages: Indicates which courses have a translation in the following languages: English(US), English (UK), Spanish
  • Learner Types: This filter is used to sort modules by their intended audience.
  • Course Topics: An alternate sorting option by topic.
  • Service Populations: This filter is used to sort modules by the group that module serves.
  • F Tags, G Tags, L Tags: This filter shows modules associated with the selected F, G, or L tag.
  • 2017 F Tags - To comply with the CMS F Tag updates November 2017
  • RBT: This filters by available RBT tags.
  • BACB Task List: This filters by different elements of the BACB task list.


Note: To add your own filters to the system, please visit Module Search Filters.


The "i" Tool Tip

You can see additional information at a glance for an individual module by clicking the "i" tool tip listed for each module in the Module List:



This will give you a brief description of the module.  The bottom section of the tool tip will also display graphical icons relating to several of the filters above.  For instance, you may see a speaker icon to indicate audio is required; a camera icon to indicate that video is required; the Adobe "F" icon to indicate that the Adobe Flash is required; and the "ADA" icon to indicate that the course is 508 compliant and is compatible with screen-reading software.



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