EFS Survey Assignments - How to Assign an Employee Feedback Survey

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** Please note- this product is no longer available as an add-on to the Relias Platform **

Assigning a Survey (EFS) to Learners

While logged in as an Administrator, go to the Surveys tab. The site will default to Survey Assignments.



There are two tabs for assignments: Open Assignments and Closed Assignments.

Once a survey is closed, it will go to the Closed Assignments tab so you can view surveys you have assigned in the past.


+Assign a Survey Button

From the Open Assignments tab, click on the + Assign a Survey button.



Select the survey you want to use.


Select Learners to receive the assignment. You can select All Users or use filters to select more specific groups of Learners. You cannot select individual Learners due to anonymity. You can edit the selected Learners at a later time, but it is not recommended because it could skew your results.


Select an assignment type. If you are using a standard survey, choose Standard. If you are using an orientation survey, choose Orientation. This will change the way the survey is assigned.


Schedule the survey assignment. This will depend on which assignment type you chose. For a standard survey assignment, choose a survey open date. The close date will be calculated by the number of days you enter into the Survey closes field. This can be edited after the assignment is activated.


For an Orientation survey assignment, enter the number of days after the Learner is hired for the survey to be assigned. Then enter the number of days after the survey open date for the survey to close.


Finally, enter a name (required) and description (optional) for your assignment.


Once you have chosen the attributes for your survey assignment, click Preview.


You will now see the number of Learners who match your selections. Once you have confirmed that is the number of Learners you want, click Save and Activate.


You will be asked whether you are sure. Click OK.


You will be taken back to the survey assignment page where your new assignment will appear under Open Assignments.


You may notice that Response Rate says Unavailable. If you hover your mouse over the (i), it will explain why that is unavailable. Once you get enough responses, a percentage response rate will appear in that box.


Editing an Assignment

To edit an assignment, simply click on the assignment name.

This will take you back to the Assign a Survey page. Here you can edit the Learners who received the assignment, and the number of days after the open date the survey will close.


Once you edit the survey, you can Preview and then choose Save and Activate again. You can also click the Close Now button. This will close out the survey and remove any open assignments from a learner’s current work.

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