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** Please note- this product is no longer available as an add-on to the Relias Platform **

Survey Trend Comparison Report

This report will allow you to compare results across survey assignments on one graph to determine areas of improvement or decline.  You can see how your overall organization or specific groups (department, job title, etc.) are trending over a span of two or more surveys.


Please Note: You must have assigned the same survey on multiple occasions to run this data.



From the Survey Reports tab, click on Survey Trend Comparison Report.



Select a Survey       

Select your survey title from the drop down. Click on the Standard radio button for a standard survey and Orientation for an orientation survey.



Select Close Date(s)

Select multiple assignment close dates to view trends over time.



Select a Focus Group

You must choose a hierarchy to run the report on. You can choose one or multiple, but 10 or fewer is recommended. Choosing a parent hierarchy level will also run data for relevant child levels.



Run the Report

Once you have all parameters selected, click Go.



The report may take several seconds to render.


A line graph represents the data selected. Each line represents the average KPI over time.




Export/Print the Report

To print the report, right click on the chart. Click Print. This will print the graph and grid exactly as they are shown.


To export the report to Microsoft Excel, click Export. Choose the information you would like to export. You can click Export entire dashboard to export everything. Click Finish.



Choose where you would like to save the report in your files. Click Save and open the report from your folder.


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