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Creating Your Own Search Filters

In addition to using the available filters when Searching For Modules, you can also create your own search filters. 

To do so, go to Learning > Modules > Module Search Filters.


From here you can view all available search filters.  The Name of the filter will be listed, as well as any Notes.  You can also see columns indicating if that filter Allows Multiple Selections.  If the filter is set to Active, that means it will be available to select when Searching For Modules.  Filters listed as Owner - Yes are filters that your organization has created.  You have the option to Manage or Delete them.  Filters set by Relias (Owner - No) cannot be modified.


To create a new filter, click +Create Filter:




Then, give your filter a Title (e.g., “Nursing Courses”) and add any notes that you need to provide for other administrators in your organization.  You will also be asked whether you want to Allow Multiple Selections.  This defines whether a single course can be associated with multiple values from the same filter (for example, a course may be recommended for two different job types) or whether each course is limited to a single value.  The most obvious example of a case where multiple selections would not be desirable would be a filter with values for Yes and No; no single course should carry both values.  Unless you are creating such a filter, you will want to check the “Allow Multiple Selections” box.  Please be aware, however, that once this box is checked it cannot be undone.  Once you have entered your title, click Save.


Please Note: An easy (but non-related) example of a Filter/Value relationship could be Color/Green.   The Filter would be "Color," but the Values would be types of colors, such as "Green," "Pink," "Blue," "Red," etc.


Associating Modules with Search Values

Once you have created your filter, you will be returned to the main menu screen and should see your new filter on the list alongside the pre-built Relias filters.  Now you will need to create values to associate with this filter by clicking on the Manage Values button:


Once you click on Manage Values, simply click on Create Filter Value to set up a new value. 


This will take you to the Create Filter Value editor:


Enter in the Title for your first value and click +Add Module(s) to associate courses with the value.  You may associate any course in your site with the values that you have created.  If you did NOT check the box to Allow Multiple Selections when you set up the filter, some modules will be excluded from your module search list if they are already associated with other values under the filter.


Once you have double-checked that the modules you want associated with your value are correct, click the Save button.  You will be returned to the list of values under your filter in order to create your next value.


Please Note: users of Relias Enterprise Edition should be aware that Relias does not support sharing module search filters among multiple organizations.  All filters are portal-specific.


Associating Modules with Search Values from Within the Module

You can also associate your custom-built modules with filters when in a module's Properties page.  Click the Search Filters tab.

From there, click the +Show button next to Course Topics to expand the filter.  All available values will be available to select via check-boxes.  Put a check in the box for the value you wish to associate with the module.  Click Save to finalize the selection.  Now when you are Searching For Modules, you can use the selected Filter to find this module.


Please Note: For Relias-built modules, you can only associate them with your custom filters; all pre-defined filters have already been applied, so you will not see the same options for Relias modules.



Please Note: These filter associations are available to all users with access to module lists.  Administrators, Supervisors, and Instructors can see them when Searching For Modules.  Learners can see them when Adding a Course to their profile as an elective.


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