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Evaluation Templates

When you are Creating Evaluations for a module, you may wish to use the Evaluation Template feature to make adding questions easier.  An Evaluation Template is a pre-built set of questions that can be applied to any of your modules or copied into a module evaluation.  Using a template allows you to easily reuse questions in multiple modules without having to re-type each question for each module you create.  To create an Evaluation Template, go to the Modules & Enrollment section of the site and click Evaluation Templates:

You will then see any existing templates in the list.  You can also add a new template by clicking the +Add button.  When you click +Add, you will be prompted to title your new template.


Input a title and click Create TemplateYou will then be given the option to +Add new evaluation questions or to Copy Questions from a Template.  If you copy questions from another template, you can modify them for your new template without affecting the original template.

eval tmep.png

When you click +Add you will be taken to the Evaluation Question editor:

For Question Type you can choose from Multiple Choice: Radio Buttons, Essay, or Range.  You can then designate the available multiple choices or range selections in the Choice fields below.  Essay type will always give the Learner a blank field to type the response.  This response will then become available to read on the Course Evaluation Survey Analysis Report.  Input the desired question and answer text and Save to return to the template editor.  From there you can add additional questions or re-order your questions using the Order column.


Once you have entered all desired questions by the above methods, you can Save your template:


Now your template will be available under the Evaluation Templates section of the site:


You can return here at any time to modify the template.  To do so, simply click on the title to return to the editor.  You can also delete the template if it is not in use, and you can see its creation, modified dates, and In Use status.  If you modify a template that is in-use, any changes will also be applied to any module that has that template applied to its evaluation via the Evaluation Template drop-down menu. Templates In Use cannot be deleted. Changes to template questions will not be applied to any modules that have questions previously copied from a template.


Finally, once the template has been created it will be available for you to apply to an existing module:

Or to copy into an existing module:


For more information about adding an evaluation to an existing module, please visit Modules - Creating Course Evaluations 


To get back to the Knowledge Base and the master list of topics, please click here: The Relias Platform How-To-Manual 

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