Master Account - Learner Instructions (Shared User Model)

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Linking Relias Platform Accounts to One Master Account


To use the Master Account - or Shared User Model -  feature, this must be turned on by the organization's Administrator. Please have the Administrator contact Relias Support to turn on this free feature. 


Each Learner who wishes to link their Relias completions to a Master Account must first create the Master Account.  This Master Account will be housed in Relias Academy so that the Learners can access their transcripts even if they no longer work for a particular organization.


1. A Learner (while logged into a Relias Platform account) can start the process by clicking on the Person Icon at the top right of the screen > then My Account 



2. The Learner should click on the Link Master Account button.



This will cause a pop-up screen to appear.  The screen will ask the Learner to enter a PERSONAL email address (not one linked to a professional organization) in order to create their Master Account.



3. If the Learner already has a Master Account created, or if they have an account with Relias Academy, they should use the same email address here.



4. Once an email address has been entered, the Learner should click Continue to proceed.


If the email address was unique within Relias Academy (as in, the Learner does not have an existing account), the Learner will be prompted to enter his First Name, Last Name, and a password (steps 5-8 below).  Passwords must be at least 8 alphanumeric characters long.   Click Submit to proceed (9).

If the account is already existing, and the password forgotten,  users can contact Relias Support to assist in resetting the Master Account password.




If the Learner has another Relias Platform account that they would like to link, they should log into that organization’s account and follow the steps listed here.


1. Access My Account under the Learner’s profile, and click on the Link Master Account button.



2. Type in their personal email address/Master Account email address and click “Continue”



3.Enter Master Account password and click “Submit”

  1. This process can be done as many times as necessary as long as the Learner has unique accounts to link to the Master Account.



  4. Once the account is linked, the Shared Information section provides the Learner information on the Master Account and all linked accounts.





5. The Learner can click on the Master Account button under the Linked Account Information” section to see their Master Transcript.



Clicking on Review Course or Print Certificate will take the Learner into the Relias Platform account from whence the completion came.


Please Note: If the organization does not allow certificate printing, the learner will not be able to print his certificate(s) or view course details for any completions that took place within that account.  However, a Learner will be able to print certificates from inactivated Relias LMS accounts.



Logging into and Viewing a Master Account (if a Learner No Longer Has Access to an Organization's Relias Site)

If a Learner no longer works for an organization that uses the Relias LMS, the Learner can still access his transcript by going to  The learner will need to enter the email address and password that was used to create the Master Account (  Users can contact Relias Support if a password needs to be reset on the Master Account)


Once logged in, the master account transcript will be displayed. 

This will contain a list of all course completions from all Relias LMS accounts linked to his Master Account.


Viewing Outside Module Completions in the Relias LMS (After Accounts are Linked to a Master Account)

After a Learner has linked multiple Relias accounts to a Master Account, they can view all of his completions directly within one Relias account.  When the learner views their Completed Training tab, they can view completions by an Organization filter, which will allow him to view his current site only, or a mix of completions from any site that has been linked.


Please Note: While the Completed Training tab will show outside module completions, the Current Training tab will only show modules assigned by the current organization/agency.


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