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Relias Connect

Relias Connect is an online social community.  While in Connect, users can: share ideas, ask questions, start discussions, contact Relias Support, or browse and read articles on topics that interest them.  If you are new to Connect, we recommend visiting Welcome to Relias Connect and Community FAQsTo access Connect, click the Relias Connect icon in the top right corner while logged in to your RLMS account.


Every Learner, Administrator, Supervisor, Instructor, Data Entry and Observer will have a Connect profile created upon first time logging in to Connect.  Users with permission levels greater than a Learner (e.g., Administrators) have access to more content on Connect than a Learner does, specifically access to the Support Portal.


Support Portal

Once inside the Support Portal, there are number of different ways to contact Relias Support or find helpful information.


  1. Search for Your Question: One way to get the answer to your question is to see if someone has already asked it. Use the Search feature to see if someone beat you to the punch!
  2. How To Manual (formerly Knowledge Base) : Click The How-To-Manual to access a library of articles written about the Relias Management System.
  3. Help Questions: Click Help Questions to answer questions asked by the community, or ask one yourself! A good way to reach the Relias Support team or share best practices with your peers is to Ask a Question.  By entering information into this field and clicking 'Post' your question will be added to Help Questions where other Connect users, as well as Relias Support, can respond to your question. Please do not post personal information here such as your phone number as this is an open forum.  
  4. Video Training: Click Video Training to access recorded Webinars and Video Tutorials. We are always adding new training - if there is something you think we need to add, please let us know!
  5. Feature & Content Requests: Click Submit an Idea to create a new feature/content request for Relias and to vote on active requests. 
  6. Learner Support: Click Learner Support to access how-to guides suitable for Learners. Commonly requested items are housed here to help your Learners navigate the RLMS.
  7. Contact Support: By clicking the "Support Chat" link, you will have access to live assistance from the Relias Support team.  A new window will launch redirecting your to the chat landing page. You'll see a 'Click Here' button that will connect you to a Support Consultant. Listed below are alternative contact methods and information on Support hours.
  8. RLMS Training Events: You can refer to the training calendar for a schedule if upcoming training webinars. Click a topic that you're interesting in learning about on a date that suits your schedule. Once on the new page, you'll see a green 'Register Here' button that will bring you to the WebEx meeting information. Click 'Register' and fill out the required information.
  9. Product Release Information: Click here to access Release Notes from previous months.


Overview of Connect


  1. Support: Click Support to access the Relias Support & Training.  Please note that Learners have limited access to this page.
  2. Events and Training: Click Events and Training to see if a Relias hosted event is coming to a city near you! For more information on our upcoming User Groups and Conferences please visit Relias Learning Events- Impact Nation 2017
  3. RLMS How-To-Manual  (formerly Knowledge Base) : Click RLMS How To Manual to access a library of articles written about the Relias  Management System. You can search using the drop down box for our most popular topics, but a detailed index is also available in the drop down. 
  4. Name, Notifications & Search: The bell icon is where you can find your Connect notifications. Click the arrow next to your name to edit your profile and access the Relias Store. You can use the magnifying glass to do a keyword search of articles and users across the entire Relias Connect site.  
  5. Ask Your Question: From here you can reach the Relias Support team and ask questions that couldn't be answered through use of the Knowledge Base. By entering your question into this field and clicking 'Ask It!', your question will be added to Help Questions where other Connect users can respond to your question.                                                                           
  6. Get Support: Click this icon to take your to the Help Questions page to respond to unanswered questions.
  7. Get Involved: Use this icon as another way to get to the Relias Learning Events- Impact Nation 2017.                                                                                                                                                                
  8. Connect Places: 
    1. All Discussions: View and respond to discussions and questions.    Help Questions 
    2. Feature & Content Requests: Vote on feature/content requests for the Relias LMS.   Feature & Content Requests 
    3. Federal and State Crosswalks - Please contact us if you dont find what you need!   Federal and State Crosswalks 
    4. Course Developer Resources: View tips and resources for developing courses.  Course Developer Resources 
    5. Learner Resources: View resources such as troubleshooting, searching for courses and adding your license  Learner Support Portal 
    6. Community FAQs: View frequently asked questions relating to using Relias Connect. Connect FAQs 
  9. Relias News: News thread for Relias Announcements.
  10. Individual Leaders: See where you rank on the Leaderboard for Relias Connect.  You can use the points earned to redeem for Relias merchandise in the Relias Store.  Go under your avatar and click  "view profile" > then "reputation" 

  11. Get Relias Certified with the Certification Program :  Relias Certification Level I, II, and III Certification Process 

  12. The Insights Calendar: 2017 Insights Meetings 

  13. Start Your Own Connect Blog:  Connect Blogs 


Didn't see your question here?  See our Frequently Asked Questions article!


To get back to the Knowledge Base and the master list of topics, please click here: RLMS Knowledge Base