Session Location For Live Events

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Session Location

For full documentation on Events, please visit Live Events Comprehensive How-To-Guide, or view Creating a Live Event.  When creating Sessions for your Live Events, you are required to enter a Session Location.  To add new locations as selectable options in your sessions, go to Session Locations under Modules & Enrollments.


Go to Training & Enrollment, then Modules & Enrollment, then select Session Locations from the menu:



Simply click +Add to add a new location:


Enter the Name of the location, then ensure that the Approved option is set to Yes.  This will approve it for use and ensure it is available as a selectable option in your sessions.  If you no longer need a location, you can set the Approved box to No; this will remove it as an option when you are creating new Event sessions.


When you have completed inputting this information, simply click the Save button and the Session Location will be available to select for your sessions.  You can return to the Session Location List at any time to edit or modify any existing Session Locations.  Your Location(s) will now be available to select when creating or editing a Session.




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