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To use the Shared User Model feature, this must be turned on by the organization's Administrator. Please have the Administrator contact Relias Support to turn on this free feature. 

Viewing Shared Users


As an Administrator, you can see a list of all of your Learners, as well as determine which of your Learners have shared accounts with other organizations by going to Users tab and viewing the Shared User tab on the left navigation bar. 


When you click on a shared user’s name, you will access their profile page. Down at the bottom in the Shared Information section, you will see all emails, usernames, and organization's they are linked with. 

If there is a need to unlink the accounts, please contact Relias Support for assistance. 


The Shared User List Tab

On the left side of the screen, under Users > Shared User List  you will see all shared users within your organization. 

There is a Manage button that enables you to edit the Learner's profile, but it is only available at the site level for which you have access.  You cannot manage the user accounts of another organization. Or you can view their transcript by clicking on the blue book symbol. 





By clicking on the shared Learner's blue book, you can see the Learner’s completions for all organizations that are linked to his Master Account.  You can filter by module Type, modules with Brainsparks available,  or by Organization.  This will be your version of the Learner's Master Transcript. 



Shared Completions

It is possible for Administrators and Supervisors with Enrollment Management roles to see Learner's shared completions.  It is also possible to Accept or Reject these completions if you have assigned the same courses within your own RLMS.


For example, if the Learner completed “Abuse” while working for Organization A as an elective, an assigned module in a training plan, or as an ad hoc assignment, and “Abuse” is currently assigned (with a due date) to the Learner in Organization B’s account, the Administrator of Org B has the option to accept or reject the Learner’s completion of “Abuse” from the other linked account.


Please note: The Course Codes for the module you plan to accept must match the course code of the module assigned to the learner.


To see Shared Completions, go to Learning > Shared Completions



You can filter by Module Types, Owners (Organization the course was completed in), or the Certificate (accreditation)

Then you must filter by date range -   Courses Due Before (Due Date)  and also Shared Completions After (Completions Done After) 




Editing Which Courses Can Be Used As Shared Completions



It is also possible for you to determine if specific courses should never show up as a Shared Completion.  For example, if you always want your Learners to complete a specific course regardless of whether they have taken it recently at another location, you can edit that specific course's properties to ensure it will not show up on the Shared Completions page.


Go to Learning > Module List to  find the module/course you need, and click on the title.



This will take you to the Module's properties page.  In step 3 Requirements, there will be a new option to Allow shared completions to be accepted on the Shared Completions page.  If this radio button is set to Yes, completions of this module will show up in the Shared Completions page.  If the radio button is set to No, any completions of this module at another site will not show up in your Shared Completions page. 


Please Note: This will default to Yes for all modules, but it is possible to change this setting, even for Relias courses.  


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