Master Account - Creating Your Master Account (Shared User Model) - Overview

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The Master Account Set up - or Shared User Model-  allows users to link multiple Relias Platform accounts to one Master Account. The Master Account allows the user to have full access to a complete transcript of all coursework completed across all linked Relias Platform usernames under a single account. The Shared User Model and Master Accounts are extremely helpful for users who are employed with multiple organizations which utilize the Relias Platform as their LMS.


The Shared User Model is also extremely helpful for organizations who wish to cut down on training costs and time spent training employees who recently completed the same required training at another organization utilizing the Relias LMS. Administrators have the ability to view Shared Users’ trainings completed outside of their organization, and choose whether or not to accept a completed module to count towards a learner’s training requirement in their organization’s Relias Platform site.


Some Things You Should Know

  • Learners must link their Relias Platform accounts to a single Master Account in order to have access to a full transcript of completed training
  • Learners are not limited to how many accounts can be linked to a Master Account
  • Learners must use the same Master email address in order to link all accounts to the same Master Account (we recommend a personal email address, so you can continue to access the account when employment ends)
  • Administrators can only accept course completions from outside organizations when the same course (identified by course code) has been assigned in both sites
  • Administrators have access to view learners’ Master Account transcripts which display completed coursework across all linked Relias usernames


For more information on linking Learner accounts, please view Shared User Model - Learner Instructions

For more information on managing shared users as an Administrator, please view Shared User Model - The Administrator View

For more information on viewing shared users as a Sites Administrator (for Enterprise accounts), please view Shared User Model - Sites Administrator View


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