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Live Events

Live Events are modules used to track classroom training sessions, or any training that is held at a specific location and/or time. 


To create a Live Event, go to Learning > Modules > Module List > New Module



Choose Event from the list, then click Continue.



This will bring you to the Event's Properties page.  Fill out the required fields as explained below.


(1) - Code, Title, & Description


This is where you input the Title and Credit Hours for your course.  This information is required before you can move forward.  You can also add an optional Course Code and Description. 


  • Course Code - You can input any alphanumeric code to uniquely identify your course.  You may wish to include an abbreviation of your organization's name, the module title, and/or a number in the code to facilitate searching for the course in the future.  The code you use must unique across all Relias customer sites.  If you do not input your own course code, the system will automatically generate one for you.
  • Credit Hours - The number of credit hours a learner will earn upon completing the course, as it appears on the Course Completion History and Training Hours reports.
  • Title - The title of your course as it appears in the module list and to your Learners.
  • Description - The description of the course as it appears to Learners.





(2) - Format


  • Overall Event Instructor - The person who is responsible for managing the entire Event.  Select a name from the drop down list.
  • Allow all site Instructors to view event & create sessions? - If No, only the Overall Event Instructor or Administrators can create sessions.  If Yes, all site Instructors can view the Event and add sessions for the event.  Instructors can only edit their own sessions, although they can see other sessions.
  • Allow sessions to have multiple Instructors? - If No, only one Instructor can be selected to host each session.  If Yes, up to three Instructors can be selected to host each session. 





(3) - Completion Options


These options determine the requirements needed in order for Learners to be marked complete for a Live Event.

  • Attendance Only - This will require an Administrator, Instructor, or Enrollment Management Supervisor to manually mark a Learner complete for attending an event, regardless of whether or not a final exam is included.
  • Final Exam Only - After the session end date, Learners will have access to a final exam (that must be created by the Administrator or Instructor). Successful completion of the final exam will mark the Learner complete for the event, and records them as “Attended”. This prevents Administrators, Instructors, and Enrollment Management Supervisors from having to track completions manually.
  • Attendance and Final Exam - The Administrators, Instructors, and Enrollment Management Supervisors must mark a Learner as “Attended” before the Learner can access a final exam.  Successful completion of the exam will mark the Learner “Complete” for the Event.  This will ensure only Learners who attended the Event can access the final exam.





(4) - Requirements


  • Prerequisite - Learners will be required to complete another module before being granted access to this course.  This course will be locked until the prerequisite is completed.
  • Require Learner to complete content in order? - If set to Yes a Learner must access each lesson in the course in order.  If set to No a Learner can access the lessons in any order and may go right to a final exam without accessing the course content. 
    • Please Note: This option may not be relevant if you do not have any  content for the Learners to view.
  • Allow Learners to withdraw or change sessions? - If set to No, Learners must be assigned to a specific session, and they cannot withdraw from, or change, the session without an Administrator, Instructor, or Supervisor.  If Yes, the Learners can withdraw from, or switch, the sessions into which they are enrolled.
  • Allow an attendance code to be accepted per session? - If No, Learners will not be required to enter an attendance code to confirm they attended the session.  If Yes, The Administrator or Instructor must assign an attendance code for each session created so the Learners can enter it upon session end date to confirm they attended.  This allows Learners to mark their own attendance. 
  • Allow an Administrator, Supervisor or Instructor to override the system to mark the course complete? - If you want Administrators, Instructors, and Enrollment Supervisors to be able to mark Learners complete, regardless of the Completion Option selected, choose Yes.  
    • Please Note: This option may not appear depending on the Completion Option you selected in step 3.
  • Course Evaluation Required - If you wish to require Learners to complete a survey before receiving credit for completing the course or before printing a certificate, you can set that option here. If you require a survey only to print a certificate, the Learner will receive credit for completing the course as soon as the final course exam is complete.
  • Allow Certificate Printing - Check this box if you want Learners to be able to print a generic, no Continuing Education completion certificate for the course.
  • Availability - Use this section to allow the course to be utilized and viewed immediately by selecting Open, or select Date Range to have the course or event be available for a specific period of time.
  • Notes - This field has been reserved for future search functions.






(5) - Enrollment Settings


  • Approved for Restricted Users - If your organization uses Restricted Users, this field will determine whether those restricted Learners can enroll in the course.
  • Allow Self-Enrollment - If you want Learners to be able to enroll into the course as an elective, check this box.  If No, you can still assign this course to your Learners, but they will not be able to take it as an elective.
  • Approved for Enrollment - If you set this area to Yes, this course or event can be included in any enrollment.  To deactivate and hide the course, set this to No.





Once you have made your final selections, click the blue Save button to update your Event.


If you chose to use the Final Exam Only, or Attendance and Final Exam options, please view Creating Content/Lessons for a Course (View Step 2 of the article) or Creating a Custom Module on the Relias Platform  , and/or Creating Exams to learn how to create content and exams for your Event.


If you are ready to add sessions to your Event, please view Live Events - Creating Sessions.


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