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Creating Sessions for a Live Event

Once you have completed the process of Creating a Live Event, you can begin creating Sessions for your Learners to attend.  To begin, find your Event by Searching For Modules, and clicking on the title of your event.  This will default to the Properties page.  Click on the Sessions tab to begin.



While in the Sessions tab, click on +New Session.  This will open a pop-up window that needs to be filled out in order to create a session.



  • Date & Time - Choose the date and time the session should start, as well as the date and time the session should end.  The Time Zone should default to the time zone of the state in which your main RLMS site is located.
  • Session Type - Choose Live Event if you plan on hosting in-person training sessions (like a classroom training style).  Choose  Event if your Learners are attending the training via a webinar or other  method.  If you choose  Event, you must enter the URL or  meeting details in the field that appears.
  • Session Location - If you chose Live Event for the Session Type, you must choose a predefined location (for where this session will be held) from the drop down list.  If the location you need is not in the list of available options, you can create a new Session Location.
  • Session Instructor - If you selected to enable Multiple Instructors when filling out the Properties, you will be able to choose up to 3 Instructors from the drop down list.  However, if you chose to have only one Instructor, you will be able to select his or her name from the list.  It is possible to add a Guest Instructor to a session if you have one created within your site.
  • Enrollment Settings - Unlimited enrollment means that the Session Location is large enough to hold any number of Learners who may attend that session.  If the room you are using has a size limit, use the Maximum # of enrollments option.  This will require you to enter a number in the box at which attendance can be capped.  Once enrollment has reached that number, no more Learners can be enrolled into that session.
    • If you choose to cap your attendance with a Maximum # of enrollments, an option will appear asking if you wish to Allow waitlist.  If the box is checked, once your maximum number has been reached, any other enrollments will go on a wait list.  If the box is unchecked, once the maximum number of enrollments has been met, no one else can be enrolled or wait listed.
  • Approval required for Learner self-enrollment - If No, Learners can enroll into the session without permission from a Supervisor.  If Yes, Learners cannot enroll into a session unless it has been approved by a Supervisor.
  • Enrollment Period - Open until session start date will allow Learners to be enrolled into a session up until the time the session starts.  Create an enrollment window allows you to create a window of time during which enrollments are permitted.  If the window passes, no more enrollments can be registered.
  • Attendance Code - Enter an Attendance code to enable Learners to mark their own attendance for the session once it is over.  The code can be no longer than 15 characters, and should be given to Learners only after they have attended the session.
    • The Start time should default to the date/time the session ends.  The End time is optional; if you enter one, the code must be entered within the window of time you selected.  If you leave it blank, they Learners do not have a cutoff time to enter their code.
      • Please Note: The Attendance Code option may not appear if you chose not to implement an Attendance Code when setting up the properties
  • Notes - Enter any notes you may need your Learners to know about this specific session.  This will be sent to the Learners via confirmation email upon enrollment into the session.  This should contain any special information, reminders, or instructions that are relevant to this session only, and not the entire Event.



Once you have entered all of the details for your session, click the blue Save button at the top of the pop-up window. 


Please Note: If you click outside of the pop-up window at any time before it is is saved, you will lose your work.


Please view Live Events - Managing Sessions for more information on cloning sessions and handling enrollment.



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