Skills Checklists - Administrator Role

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Skills Checklists - Administrator View

Skills Checklists are records of a Learner's ability to demonstrate specific job related tasks to an approved Observer.  They can be useful in demonstrating that training has been internalized and implemented on the job.  Skills Checklists are sometimes called "Return Demonstrations" or "Competency Checks."  In the RLMS, Learners may be assigned skills checklists ad hoc, through a curriculum, or as an elective.


Overview of Skills Checklists

In the RLMS, only an Administrator or Instructor can create, edit, or clone a Skills Checklist.  Administrators, Instructors, and Enrollment Management Supervisors have the ability to enroll Learners into a Skills Checklist.  However, only Observers and Data Entry users can record observations for this module.


The checklist creator chooses Approved Observers for each individual checklist, and only Approved Observers may record observations for those checklists.  The Observer must check an attestation statement when recording observations for Learners, signifying that he or she did indeed observe the user performing the skills checklist tasks.


Users with Data Entry permissions have access to record observations for all Skills Checklists.  When recording Skills Checklists, the Data Entry user must select the Observer who observed the learner(s) performing the checklist tasks, and also must check an attestation statement signifying that he or she is recording observations for an Approved Observer. It is common that Data Entry users work in an administrative role, and help file paperwork.


Please read User Permissions (Roles) for more information on User Roles within the RLMS.

Creating a Skills Checklist

To begin creating a Skills Checklist, go to Learning> Modules > Module List> New Module.

  Administrator view create new checklist

Click Skills Checklist to continue.

new module types menu


Fill out the Properties page, including the Enrollment Settings. 


  • Course Code - You can input any alphanumeric code to uniquely identify your module.  You may wish to include an abbreviation of your organization's name, the module title, and/or a number in the code to facilitate searching for the module in the future.  The code you use must unique across all Relias customer sites.  If you do not input your own course code, the system will automatically generate one for you.
  • Title - The title of your Skills Checklist as it appears in the module list and to your Learners.
  • Description - The description of the course as it appears to Learners (this is optional, but useful).



  • Approved for Restricted Users: If your organization uses Restricted Users, this field will determine whether those restricted Learners can enroll in the course.
  • Allow Self-Enrollment: If you want Learners to be able to enroll into the course as an elective, check this box.  If No, you can still assign this course to your Learners, but they will not be able to take it as an elective.
  • Approved for Enrollment: If you set this area to Yes, this course or event can be included in any enrollment.  To deactivate and hide the course, set this to No.

Click Save, then, click on the Tasks tab.



Adding Tasks to a Skills Checklist

Click on the + Add Tasks


Fill out the fields on the following pop up window:



  • Task Code - optional
  • Task Title - Title of the step that the Learner must perform
  • Task Description - optional, but explains, step by step, how the task should be completed.  Be thorough and precise.
  • Task Rationale - the explanation of why the step/task is important.


When finished, click Save at the top.  If you have more tasks to add, leave the Create Another Task box checked.  If this is the final step in the process, uncheck the box before clicking Save.


Repeat these steps as often as needed.


Once finished adding all of the tasks, you will see them all displayed in a list on the Tasks tab. 


  • Individual tasks can be rearranged by dragging and dropping the task using the gray hand i.e. located to the left of the task
  • Individual tasks can be deleted using the blue x located to the right of the task
  • Any task that contains a Task Description will have an information icon which will show the Task Description
  • The Preview button will allow you to preview the Skills Checklist and see how the checklist will look to Learners, Observers and Data Entry users


Adding Approved Observers

After all of your tasks have been added to the checklist, click on the Observers tab in the Skills Checklist module. This will allow you to add anyone with the Observer role as an Observer to this checklist.

*This is always a two step process - the User must have the Observer role  (see Users - Permissions and Job Roles  for more information)

and the user then must be added as an observer to that particular Skills Checklist*


Click the + Add Observers button.


This will provide a list of all of the users within your organization who have the Observer role.  Select the Observer(s) you wish to assign to this checklist, and click Add Users.


If you need to delete an Observer from a checklist, the Delete button is available on the list of Approved Observers.




To add Skills Checklists in bulk to an Observer: 

Look up the user under the Users tab >    Select the bluebook symbol to the left of the User's name >

Select Observer and then +Add Skills Checklist



Adding Module Associations

If you wish to add Module Associations to your Skills Checklist, click the Module Associations tab.

  • Associated modules should provide guidance for Learners seeking more information or training on the tested skills. Associated modules are not required of the Learner to complete; they are only suggested modules.



Click the + Add Modules button to search for, and add, modules to this checklist.



Associated modules will be listed under the Module Associations tab and can be deleted using the Delete button if necessary.

Enrolling Learners into a Skills Checklist

Learners may be enrolled into a Skills Checklist ad hoc, through a curriculum, or as an elective (if allowed). The process of enrolling Learners into Skills Checklists is the same as enrolling users into Courses and Events.  For more information on enrollment, please view Manually Enrolling Learners in Training Plans and Enrolling Learners with Auto Enrollment.


Cloning a Skills Checklist

You have the ability to clone any Skills Checklist your organization has access to within your library (even Relias checklists!). Cloning a Skills Checklist will make an exact replica of the checklist, with the exception of any enrollments.


In order to clone a checklist, find the appropriate checklist by Searching For ModulesClick on the Title of the checklist to open the Properties.

Administrator view Clone Skills Checklist


Click on the Clone Checklist button located on the Properties tab of the Skills Checklist Assembler.



After you have cloned the checklist, you will see a message which reads, “Please consider changing the name of the cloned checklist to avoid duplicate checklist titles”

  • The cloned version of the checklist will have a default title which can be edited
    • It is best practice to distinguish between versions of checklists by keeping the cloned date or version date in the title of the checklist or in the checklist’s description
  • The cloned version of the checklist will have a different code which can be edited



Skills Checklist Site Setting

Administrators have the option to choose whether or not to display not met Skills Checklists on Learner blue books and completed training tabs.  The default site setting will be set to never display not met Skills Checklists.  If you wish to allow not met Skills Checklists to display on Learner blue books and completed training tabs, please alter this miscellaneous site setting. 


Please Note: The site setting does not affect reporting.  You will be able to report on met and not met Skills Checklists regardless of the site setting.


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