Skills Checklists- Recording Observations

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Introduction to Recording Observations for a Skills Checklist

This article will explain the process of recording observations (marking completions) for a Skills Checklist.  To learn more about creating a Skills Checklist, please view Skills Checklists - Administrator ViewFor more information on what a Learner sees when viewing Skills Checklists, please view Skills Checklists - Learner View.


Only an Observer or user with Data Entry permission may record an observation for a Skills Checklist.  Observers may only record observations for Learners enrolled into Skills Checklists in which he or she is an Approved Observer.  A Data Entry user has permission to record observations for any Skills Checklist, however, the Data Entry user must select the Observer who recorded the actual observation.  It is common that Data Entry users will record observations for Observers through paper copies of the checklists.  Attestation statements must be selected when both Observers and Data Entry users record observations for Learners.


Recording Observations for a Skills Checklist

Log into the RLMS and change your role to either Observer or Data Entry.

Click on either the Title of the checklist, or the Enrollment icon for the checklist for which you wish to record observations.

Observer view

This will bring you to a list of currently enrolled Learners.


Click the check box to the left of the Learner (or Learners, if they all have the same observation notes) for whom you are recording observations.  Once you have selected your Learner(s), click the Record Observation box at the top of the list.


Please Note: If any of the information varies between Learners' observations, you must enter their observations separately.  When you select multiple Learners at one time, the observations and notes you enter will appear exactly the same for all selected Learners. You should only select Learners on one page at a time, as moving to another page before you record your observations will deselect all Learners on the previous page.

Observer view record observation


Once you click Record Observation, a pop up window will appear with the selected Learner's name, and the tasks that must be completed. 

Fill out the Skills Checklist assessment form with the appropriate information

  • Observer - This will be grayed out with your name if you are in the Observer role.  If you are Data Entry, you must select the Observer for whom you are entering observations.
  • Observation Date - This is the date the observations were completed (the date the tasks were done, not necessarily the date they are entered into the RLMS).
  • Checklist Tasks - Mark the Learner(s) as Met or Not Met for each of the tasks listed.
  • Observation Notes - Enter any additional notes regarding the Learner's performance.
  • Overall Assessment - Mark the Learner(s) as Met or Not Met for the overall checklist.
    • If you mark a Learner as Not Met, you will be given an option to re-enroll the Learner into the checklist for another attempt.
  • Attestation - As an Observer, attest that you observed the Learner(s) and are marking them as Met/Not Met.  If you are Data Entry, attest that the Observer did observe the Learners.
  • Record Observation - Once all items are completed, click the blue Record Observation button at the top of the pop up window.

Observation checklist 1Observer checklist 2


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