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Module Completions

This report will allow an Administrator or reporting Supervisor to report on all modules ( courses, Events, & Skills Checklists).  The report can show data based off of module status (completed, not completed, and all statuses), can be run for all Learners or individual Learners, and can also be run on Met and Not Met Skills Checklists.  The Module Completions Report can be exported to multiple file formats (Excel, PDF, CSV), and can be saved and set on an automatic email frequency.  The Module Completions Report is very similar to the Course Completion History Report, with the addition of Skills Checklists.


If you have not already reviewed the training materials on Functions Common to Most Reports please do so before continuing with this report.




Access this report by going to Reports > 




Section 1: Filter By Hierarchy allows you to filter your report based on hierarchy levels. If you wish to run the report for all Learners, leave this field blank.

Section 2: Filter By Modules or Training Plans allows you to filter and run the report for an individual module or group of modules.



To add a module, click on the "Add Module(s)" button. In the new window that appears, check the boxes next to the names of the modules that you wish to run the report for and click the "Add" button. To run the report for all modules, leave Section 2 blank.



Section 3: Filter by User Attributes allows you to filter which Learners will be included on the report. To run the report for all Learners, leave these fields blank.

Section 4: Report Output will allow you to set additional parameters for how your report will run. The first field, Course Status, gives you three options:

  • Completed - select just the Learners who have completed a module
  • Not Completed - Select just the Learners who have NOT completed a module; this is useful when you are trying to get a quick look at which Learners are missing a requirement, OR
  • All - Select Learners who have and have not completed a module


Below Course Status is the Indiv./Mult. field which gives you access to run the report for all Learners or one individual Learner.

You also have the option to show each Learner on a separate page, show only met Skills Checklists (vs. all Skills Checklists), or to include trainings manually added by the learner

In this section, you will also specify the Date Type and Date Range for which you wish to run your report. You can choose Date Type: Completed to show which modules have been completed within a certain time frame or Due Date Range to show which modules have or have not been completed based on if its due date falls within the range you choose.

Date Range allows you to choose the dates you wish to run the report for based upon the Date Type chosen above. You can choose a preset date range from the drop-down or choose Specify Dates to manually enter your date range.

Please Note: If running the report for Course Status: Not Completed or All, the report will default to run by Due Date Range and you will want to be sure to expand the end date to include the due date for the module for which the report is being run.



Then add or delete any optional columns you want to include or exclude from the report


Below is an example of a Module Completions report. This report was run for all Hierarchies, to show all completed modules, within a date range of 1/1/2017-7/24/2018.


First you'll see a Summary Chart that lists separate hierarchies. 

Folling the Summary Chart is the detailed report. You can export it into a file of your choosing by clicking on the blue disk image. 

The section listed is a summary of the Filters that were selected.

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