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Please supplement this article with the Creating Announcements  video, available in our Video Tutorials library.

The Announcements feature allows Administrators to create "bulletins" that appear on the home page or Dashboard. Announcements are visible by any user role in the Relias Platform. 


To create your own announcement, you must have the Administrator role. Click on Settings > Announcements 

Click on the +Add button to create a new announcement. 

Please note, it is possible to Delete, Approve, and UnApprove existing announcements from this same screen by checking the box to the left of the desired announcement, and clicking on the corresponding Delete, Approve, or Unapprove button. 

To continue creating a new announcement - After clicking on the +Add button, you will be presented with the following fields:

Title: Type in the name of the announcement.  This is a required field (indicated by *).

Start date: Enter the date that you would like the announcement to first appear for your Learners.  This is a required field.

Ending date: This will be the last date that this announcement will be displayed to Learners.  If you do not select an end date, the announcement will be displayed until you delete it or unapprove it.

Announcement: This is the actual message that you wish to share with others on your Relias site.  There is no character limit on the announcement text.  You can choose to use different fonts, colors, images, and other formatting within your message, or you can simply choose to leave the message in plain text. 

Select User Filters: This area will allow you to filter who will see the announcement. You can choose to display the announcement to specific departments or job titles for example.  Please note that if you choose multiple entries in the same field, the User must be in one OR the other to see the announcement.  In this example, the User must be in the Client Care OR Marketing department to see this announcement.  Please see 

If you select entries in more than one field, the Learner must be in both to see the announcement.  In this example, the Learner must be in the Client Care department AND have the title Client Relationship Manager job title to see this announcement.

Approved: Once you are ready to release your announcement to your Learners, check the box next to "Approved" before clicking on the Save button.

To flag this announcement as important check the box next to "Important."  This will make the announcement pop up at log in and require the user to click "Acknowledge and Exit" to close the announcement:

If you have multiple announcements flagged as important  they will pop up sequentially and require an acknowledgement. Users will only have to acknowledge important announcements once per announcement.After an announcement has been acknowledged it will appear in the "Announcements" section as long as it is approved.

Please Note: In order for the announcement to be visible to your selected Learners, it will need to be marked as approved. The announcement will be displayed during the date interval that is set.


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