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Recording Attestations as an Evaluator

Once your Learners have been enrolled into a Competency Review, you are able to record your attestations.  Only users with the proper roles (designated when creating the Competency Review) can record attestations and document information in a Competency Review. For instructions on how to create a Competency Review module as an Administrator please read  Creating a Competency Review.


You can tell at a glance whether an attestation or review has been recorded for a Learner.  If the Competency Review or Attestation Status columns display one (or two, depending on the properties you chose) gray icons, no attestations or reviews have been recorded.  The icon will turn blue once an attestation or Competency Review has been recorded.





You can only record a review for one Learner at a time.  You must click on the box to the left of the Learner's name, and the Record Competency Review box will become available.



If you attempt to select two Learners, the Record Competency Review box will disappear. 




After selecting only one Learner and clicking on the Record Competency Review button, a pop-up will appear with that Learner's Competency Review.  The pop-up asks the Evaluator to enter the following information:

  • The date of the Competency Review
  • The Rating (scale) for each Standard
  • An Overall Score (if different than than Average Score that is auto-populated)
  • Upload File (this is optional, but can be supplemental information to support your assessment)
  • Attestation -- This is required in order to be able to Record Competency Review
    • Without an attestation, an Evaluator can Save their progress, but it will not officially record a final version.


(The screenshots below are of one pop-up, but it is too big to show in one image)




After an Evaluator has recorded an observation, it cannot be edited. You can click the print icon to print a copy of the review.  If the Learner's attestation is also required, the Learner will still appear on the Currently Enrolled page, but their name will have an image of a lock next to it.  If only the Evaluator's attestation is required, the Competency Review will be complete.



Recording Attestations as a Learner

If Learner attestations are required, the Learner will be able to see the Competency Review on their current training tab. 


Once the Learner clicks on "Take Now" to the right of the Competency Review, they will be taken into the Lessons and Exams section.  They can click on the View button to see the Competency Review that was recorded for them by the Evaluator. 


Once the Learner clicks View, they will see a Read-Only version of their review.  They can review any feedback or notes that the Evaluator entered for them.  Once they are ready to attest to the review, they must click the blue Attest & Record button at the top. 


(The screenshots below are of one pop-up, but it is too big to show in one image)



The Learner must confirm that they agree with the recorded evaluation scores before they can attest to the review. 


Once the Learner selects Agree & Continue, their Competency Review is complete.  If they choose to view it again, they will see that their Attestation Statement has been checked.


Now that the appropriate users have attested to the Competency Review, the module is complete, and the results will be available for reporting (Competency Review Detail Report).


Please Note: Learners are able to retrieve and print Competency Review at all times from the Completed Training tab by using the Print button located under the Competency Review title.




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