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Email Templates


You may see the Competency Tracker also listed as a Competency Review.

After an Evaluator has recorded a Competency Tracker, the applicable Learner will receive an email from the Relias LMS.  The email will contain a link that will take the Learner directly to his/her account.    See Site Settings - Email Templates for more information on this section. 



 Learner Email:

Text of the "Recorded Competency Tracker - Learner" Email:





You have been evaluated on the following competency trackers in the RLMS. You are able to view competency tracker scores and comments made by your evaluator by logging in to your RLMS account. If your attestation is required for a particular competency tracker, please login to your RLMS account (login here) and submit your attestation.


Please contact your supervisor [supervisor_name] [supervisor_email] if you have any questions.




Evaluator Email:


Evaluators will receive an email (once a day, and only on days when Learners have attested) when Learners have attested to a Review that the Evaluator has recorded.  This lets the Evaluator know the Competency Review has been successfully completed.




Text of the "Recorded Competency Tracker - Evaluator" Email:





The following actions have been taken and some require further action from you in order for the review to become complete.






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