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Creating a Binder for P&P

The Policies & Procedures (P&P) feature is considered an upgrade to the Relias Platform, so only customers who have purchased P&P will be able to see, create, and manage their documents this way. If you would like to add this feature, please reach out to Relias Support or your Account Manager for further assistance. 


To begin, an Administrator must go to Learning > Policies & Procedures 

To add a new Binder, click +New Binder at the top of the Binder list. 


Whenever you create a new binder, you will first be taken to a blank Properties page.


(1) - Title & Description


This is where you input the Title (required) and Description (optional) for your binder. 

Binder New



(2) - Permissions


The Permissions section dictates which users can manage a binder and the documents contained within it.


Binder permissions




  • Owners: Only Administrators can be an Owner.
    • The owner is responsible for approving the Policies & Procedures binder for enrollment, and for approving documents published by any Editors.
  • Editors: Administrators and/or Instructors can be Editors, although it is not required to have Editors assigned to a binder.
    • The editor can add new documents, revise existing documents, and submit new versions of documents for the Policies & Procedures binder. These actions performed by the Editor are subject to approval by the Owner.
  • Email Contact: The email contact will receive help emails from Learners who have questions regarding the Policies & Procedures binder.


(3) - Recurrence and Due Dates


Similar to the functionality of Training Plans, you can choose whether you want your binders to be recurring or nonrecurring.  Depending on the recurrence you select, the options will change. 

Binder Recurring

Binder Nonrecurring



For Recurring binders, you must choose how often the recurrence should take place by entering in the appropriate number of rollover days.  You cannot pick fixed dates for a binder.


You also need to determine how revised documents should be re-assigned to your Learners.

  • Due automatically every __ days after a new version is published.
    • This option will require Learners to review each revised version of a document within a specified number of days.
  • Due automatically based upon recurrence cycle.
    • This option enables Learners to complete any one version of a document within the recurrence cycle, as the dates will not change with revisions.
    • This means if you have assigned V1.0 to your Learners, and John Smith completed it, he will not have to take the new V1.1 until the next recurrence cycle. 


For both Recurring and Nonrecurring binders, you must choose the initial due date for each document within the binder.

  • This can be set ___ days after a Learner is enrolled into the binder
  • This can be set ___ days after a Learner's hire date.  Please Note: it is required that your staff have hire dates in the data for this option to work properly.




(4) - Settings

Binder settings

May learners view version notes?: If you choose Yes, Learners will be able to view any version notes or "track changes" updates made to new versions of documents.  If you choose No, only Administrators or Instructors can see the changes/version notes.


How should documents be available?

  • Always available -- Learners can always see the documents within the binder once it has been assigned to them.
  • Only available __ days before due date -- Learners will only be able to see the documents included in the binder within __ days before their due date
  • Remind Learners / Send Warning Emails -- Select the checkbox to enable automatic email alerts (Alerts will be sent once per week 30 days prior to the learners due date and once per day beginning 5 days prior to the learners due date. Once assignments become overdue, alerts will again be sent out once per week until the assignment is complete.)


Approved for Enrollment: Only an Owner can mark a binder as Approved for enrollment.  Choosing Yes means Learners can be enrolled into binder.  Choosing No will save your binder in a draft status; all of your work/properties will be saved, but Learners cannot be enrolled into the binder or begin reviewing your policies and procedures.



(5) - Saving a Binder


Once all of the Properties have been selected, your final step is to Save your binder.  You have several options available to you.


  • Save: This option will save your binder in its current state so you will not lose any progress.
  • Save and Add Documents: This will save your current progress, then take you to the Documents tab to begin uploading your documents to the binder.
  • Save and Go to Enrollment: This will save your current progress, and allow you to enroll Learners into the binder.  Please Note: if the Approved for Enrollment option is set to No, this button will be grayed out.
  • Cancel: This will cancel/delete any changes you have made to the binder.  If your binder has not been saved yet, selecting Cancel will delete the binder.




For more information on adding documents to your Policies & Procedures binder, please view our article on Adding Documents to a P&P Binder.



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