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Uploading a Draft Document to a Binder

Once you have created a binder, your next step is to upload your policies and procedures into the binder through the Documents tab.


Click on the + Add Document button.



This will bring you to a screen where you can enter details for the document you are about to upload. 


Title: The name of the document or policy


File: Browse for the file on your computer that you wish to upload.  We recommend PDF over Word documents, because not all Learners have access to the Microsoft Office Suite of products.

: This will default to Draft, but can be switched to Published if you wish to publish this document immediately.  For the purposes of this article, we will leave it as a Draft.

Version Number
: This will begin at 1.0, and will automatically increase by one-tenth (1.1, 1.2, 1.3, etc.) as you upload new versions of a document, unless you manually type in a different number.  You can only increase in version numbers, and not go backwards.

Attestation Statement
: This is a required field that you must enter in order for Learners to read and sign off on in order to receive credit / completion for this document.


Version Notes / Track Changes: This is an option, and will enable an Administrator or Instructor to view the changes that were made for each version.  If the "May learners view Version Notes" setting was selected when creating the binder, Learners will also be able to view the Version Notes. 


Searchable Keywords: Words/phrases entered here will be searchable in the search boxes specific to P&P, Learner Resources, and P&P Reports.


Scheduled Revision Date: This is the date that the document should be reviewed by the Owner for any updates or changes


Remind Owner(s) ___ days before scheduled revision date: This will send an email to the Owners(s) to remind them to view the document and determine if it needs changes.  This field will only be necessary if a Scheduled Revision Date has been entered.


Once you have uploaded a document and entered all of the required information, you can click Save Draft on the bottom of the screen. 



You will receive a confirmation at the top of the screen alerting you that your document has been saved.



Changing Document Status from Draft to Published

Once you have uploaded a Draft to the binder, you will be able to see it on the Documents tab.  While in Draft status, Learners will not be able to see/view the document, even if they are enrolled into the binder.  In order for the document to be viewable to Learners, click the Review button to the right of the document name.



This will take you into the details of the document (like you just saw a moment ago).  Change the Status of the document from Draft to Published (click the radio button), and then click Publish on the bottom of the page.







Choosing to Publish a document will produce a pop-up box confirming that you wish to upload a new document (or a new version, if applicable).  If this is a new version of an already existing document, the old, current version will be archived.  If you click OK, you will receive a confirmation message at the top of the screen.  Click Exit to get back to your Documents list.















Back on the Documents list, you can now see that your document has been published.  While published, Learners will be able to view the document.   



You can continue to upload as many documents as needed for your binder.


Updating Versions of Documents

As your policies or procedures change, you may wish to update your documents within the binder.  To do this, simply click on the "Documents" tab in the Binder and then the Update Version / pencil icon in the Documents list.



This will take you back into the document's properties.  You can upload a new version of the file, change the Version Number (although it will increase automatically if you do not change it), and edit the other fields on this page.  You can choose to click Published immediately, but for the purposes of this article, we will leave it in Draft status.  Click Save Draft when you are finished.



Once you click Save Draft, a warning will appear to ensure you know that a published document will archive the current version.



On the Documents list, you can now see the Published and Draft versions of your document.  The Published version is the one visible to your Learners, while the Draft version is waiting to be published.  Clicking on the View button to the right of the Published version will enable you to Archive it, and selecting the Review button to the right of the Draft version will enable you to publish it (this will also archive the other version).  This article will Publish the Draft version.



Click the Review button to the right of the Draft.  This will enable you to change the Status of the document, and then click Publish at the bottom of the screen. 






You will need to confirm that you understand this will archive the old version.





Once you are back on the Documents list page, you can see your current, published version, as well as the archived version of your documents.



Archiving Documents

While a previously published document will be archived after a new version has been published, it may also be necessary to archive a document that does not need a new version. 

To do this, simply click on the View button to the right of a published document.



This will take you into the details of the document.  On the bottom of the screen, beneath the Update Version and Exit buttons is an Archive Version option.  This will archive the document without replacing it.  




To learn more about enrolling Learners into a binder, please view our Policies & Procedures Enrollment article.


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