Enrolling Learners into a P&P Binder

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Enrolling Learners into a Binder

There are two ways to access the enrollment options for a binder.  The first option is to access the Policies & Procedures tab.  You can get to this by going to Learning and then Policies and Procedures on the left navigation bar. 




Once here, select the graduate icon on the Policy and Procedure binder you want to begin enrollment for

If the P&P Binder has not been made "available for enrollment" in the binder's properties, there will not be an option to enroll any users. 





The other option is to open a particular binder (by clicking on the Title), and go to the enrollment option through either the Properties Tab or the Documents tab.  The screenshot below shows the Documents tab. 



Both options will bring you to the Currently Enrolled tab of the binder.  




Both options will bring you to the Currently Enrolled tab of the binder.  Select the Enrollment button to choose which Learners should be enrolled.





Auto Enrollment

Auto enrollment for a P&P binder is identical to the process for creating profiles for training plans. For more help on that, you can view this article Enrolling Learners with Auto Enrollment  or the auto enrollment video from our  Video Tutorials library. 

The goal is to create profiles that will automatically identify the appropriate staff within your data who need to review the policies & procedures of each binder.  As the system identifies employees who match the profile you set, it will enroll the Learners into the binder and assign due dates according to the Properties you created for it.


To begin, click on the + New Profile button.



Give the profile a Title, and optionally, a Description.


If the binder is required for all staff to review, you can use the All Users option.   This will automatically enroll any Learner is who currently active within the site, as well as any Learners who are added to the site in the future.



If the binder is geared toward a specific job title, department, or user role, you can also select from the list of Profile Attributes.  In this example, we used Department, but you can use multiple attributes at one time.  It is important to keep in mind that if you select multiple attributes, they will operate as an "AND" function; however, multiple selections for one attribute will operate as an "OR" function.



If your binder contains information that would be relevant for new hires, you can select New Hires from the list of Profile Attributes.  Then, you would select the number of days that you wish the system to look back to find new hires.  Please Note: this feature will not be beneficial if you do not enter hire dates in your user's profiles.



Once finished with any of your options, you must click Preview to see the matches in your data.  If there are no matches, do not fret-- once you click the Save & Enroll button, all current matches will be enrolled, and any new user who is added to the site will be enrolled into your binder.


Lastly, once a profile is saved, you will see it on the Enrollment tab of the binder.  We would also recommend that you check the box to automatically un-enroll learners who do not match automated enrollment profiles.  This means that if you are looking for employees who match a certain profile, but one of your staff changes titles or departments and that is reflected in their profile, the system will know to un-enroll him from the binder because they no longer matches the profile for the staff who should be enrolled.  It saves you from needing to manually un-enroll Learners who move around in your organization.





Manual Enrollment

Manual enrollment for binders also works identically to the way it is used for Manually Enrolling Learners in a Training Plan  or Manually Enrolling Learners in Modules   While on the Enrollment tab of your binder, simply scroll down to the Manual Enrollment section.


From here, you can manually select users by checking boxes next to their names, or you can use the + Filters button to narrow down your users based on attributes you have in your data (job title, department, role, custom fields, etc.).  Remember, this option is manual, so you must come in and enroll staff each time you hire someone whom you feel should be enrolled into the binder.





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