Policies and Procedures - Learner View (P&P)

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Learner View

Once a binder has been assigned to a Learner, the Learner will see the assigned documents by clicking Assignments. Their documents will be located on the Current Training tab.  Like other modules, the Learner can simply click on Take Now to view the information.




The binder content will display, and the Learner can click Start to view the policy.  This will open up the document in whatever format it may have uploaded (PDF, Word doc, etc.). 




Once the Learner has finished reading the document, the Learner can click Next to get to the Attestation Statement.




The Learner must review the Attestation Statement, check a box confirming that the appropriate person is signing off on viewing the document, and then click Submit.  In a P&P binder, the Attestation Statement functions like the Final Exam on other modules.  




Once the Learner clicks Submit, credit will be received for reviewing the document.


Learner Resources

Another new feature is the ability for Learners to see current versions of their assigned policies and procedures directly on the Resources page.  If a Learner has been enrolled into a binder, s/he will be able to view the current version (as well as a listing of the archived versions) of any documents within the assigned binders.




By clicking on the +Show/-Hide button, s/he will be able to see any documents from the assigned binders.  The Search box will enable the Learner to search for documents by keyword (keywords can be created by Admins/Owners when creating the Properties of a binder).



** Please note, the Policy and Procedure Binders are not accessible on our mobile app **


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