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Editor Permissions for P&P

If a user is listed as an Editor on a handbook, they may log in and add or edit documents that are part of that binder.  However, any document that is added or edited must be approved by an Owner of the binder.




Once an Editor clicks on the binder's title, it will open up into the Properties of that binder.  As an Editor, this information will be grayed out; only an Owner can edit the Properties of a binder.  The Editor will be able to click on the Documents tab to view and edit the documents used within the binder. 



On the Documents tab, the Editor can click to Add a Document, or click the pencil icon next to an existing document in order to edit it.



The Editor can create a new document, and browse for a new file to upload.  In this example, the Editor has uploaded a dress policy for her staff.  For documentation purposes, it will be saved as a Draft first.



Now that the document has been saved, it can be viewed in the Documents list with any other drafts of published documents.  In order to publish the document, simply click on the Review button to the right of the document name.



Once the document has been opened, simply change the Status from Draft to Published, and then click Publish on the right side of the screen.


Upon clicking Publish, a pop-up will appear alerting the Editor that the document must be approved/published by an Owner, and that a previous version of this document will be archived.



Once the Editor clicks OK, they will see that their document cannot be published (or visible to Learners) until it has been approved by an Owner.  The images below show the view from within the document's details, and also from the Documents list.  Both views will display a message stating a document is Pending Approval by Owner.


At this point, an automatic email will be sent to the Owners to alert them that a document has been submitted by an Editor.  From there, an Owner simply needs to log in to the site to view any changes an Editor has made.


Owner's Approval of an Editor-Submitted Document

After the Owner receives an email notifying them of the Editor's changes, they can simply go back to the binder, view the Documents list or the document's details to approve the changes.  It is possible to see the metadata regarding which users may have made changes to documents.  In the image below, it is possible to see that Alyssa, the Editor, was the last person to make changes to this document.


If the Owner approves of the new document (or the changes to an existing document), they can click the Publish button on the right.  If the owner does not like the changes, they can Delete the Draft, or upload a new version.  


After the Owner publishes the document, the published version will show on the Documents list.  The Editor will receive an automatic email notifying them when an Owner has approved of their changes by publishing the document.



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