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New Email Templates for P&P

There are several new email templates that will be associated with Policies & Procedures.  One version will alert Learners when they have been assigned a new version of a document.  Another email will be sent to an Owner when an Editor makes a change to a document status, and in return, a different email will be sent to an Editor once an Owner has viewed/changed the status of a document the Editor has altered.  The last email will be sent to an Owner when a document’s revision date is coming near or overdue.


It is possible for Administrators to see and manage these email templates under the Settings > Email Templates section of the Relias Platform.


Policies & Procedures Training Alert - Learners

When a Learner is assigned a new version of a P&P document, they will receive a training alert email.  This email is tabled and sent nightly as needed; therefore, it will not be an immediate email that is generated as soon as a document is assigned. 



Document Status Notification Email

When an Editor changes a document status, an automated email will be sent to the Owner(s) letting them know that revisions have been made.  Then, it is up to the Owner(s) to go into the binder to approve or edit the document.


Editor Document Status Notification Email

Similar to the previous email template, when an Owner edits a document’s status, the Editor will receive an email notifying him that the Owner has reviewed the document.  It is a two-way communication to make sure both sides are aware when a document has been edited, and when it has been approved.




Editor Document Status Notification Email

An email is sent to the document owner when a policy and/or procedure has a revision date that is coming soon or past the set revision date. These emails are sent starting 30 days before the revision date. 





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