Updated Learner View -- Where Did That Button Go?

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Main Changes for Learner View

In October 2015, the Learner View of the Relias Learning Management (RLMS) System received an overhaul.  The functionality is more intuitive, the interface looks sleeker, but some of your favorite buttons may have been moved. 

Please Note: this article is simply an overview of some of the changes to help aid in navigation.  Please go back to our RLMS Knowledge Base to view specific articles about how to use the new User Interface (UI).

Navigation Bar

Here is what the old Navigation bar looked like for a Learner.

This is the new layout of the Learner's Navigation bar.


You might be used to clicking on the Resources button on the old Toolbar of your RLMS.  The Resources tab took you to user guides, state board information, a Prescriber's Letter guide, and a place to view recent Policies & Procedures. 


Now, this information can be found in the upper, right corner under the Resources question mark icon.




As a Learner, when you clicked on the Help button, you were able to email your organization's Administrator to ask for help. 



Now, you can find this option under the Resources button.  When you click the Resources option, you will see an option to Request Help.  Clicking the Request Help button will provide an email form for you to use. 



My Account

The My Account button enabled you to edit information that was approved by your organization, as well as Create or Link a Master account (if using the Shared User feature). 


In the updated version of the Learner UI, the My Account button is an icon of a person.


Electives (Add A Course)

Previously, you could go to your Current Training tab and select the +Add A Course button to enroll yourself into Elective modules.  From this screen, you could click the informational "i" button to view more details, or you could click the Enroll button to add the module to your Current Training.   





Going forward, you will still go to the Current Training tab, but you will click the +Browse Elective Courses button.  From here, you can click the title to view more information, or you can click the Enroll button to add the module to your Current Training.







Completed Training Tab

The previous version of the RLMS had a Completed Training tab that allowed you to view completions, print certificates, view content of completed modules, and even print your transcript.



Now, your Completed Training tab is called the Transcript tab.  You can do all of the same things on the Transcript tab, with the exception of printing your transcript.  Printing your transcript can be done easily from the My Learning Summary. (Next section)



Print Transcript

As mentioned above, you used to have to go to the Completed Training tab to print your transcript.


Going forward, the Print Transcript is easily found on the left side of the page under your My Learning Summary.  This summary will appear while you are viewing your Current Training, External Training, or Transcript tabs. 



To get back to the Knowledge Base and the master list of topics, please click here: RLMS Knowledge Base