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Updated Learner Interface

Learners may notice that their view of the Relias Learning Management System (RLMS) has changed.  This view is standard for all Learners, and does not include the Gamification elements that may be enabled for an organization by request.  This article will explain some of the new changes Learners will see in their sites. 

Please Note: the color schemes used in these screenshots may not be the same as the color scheme in your site.



Menu Options

In the upper, right corner of the screen, Learners will see menu options.  The old version of the RLMS looked like this:

The new version of the RLMS displays the menu options like this for a Learner:

Please note that the menu will look a little different for Learners who also have other user roles within the RLMS.  Their menus will contain a role drop-down box so they can log in with different permissions.



My Account

The My Account button is where Learners can go to view their User Names, enter/edit their email addresses (or any other editable fields as determined by their organization), and enter/edit their Password Recovery Email.  If they have a signature they would like to upload (to enter on certificates or skills checklists), they can also enter that here.


The Resources section is where Learners can find their site Administrators for help (Request Help link), find information on navigating through the site, on Accreditations and State Boards, and a user guide for Prescriber’s Letter. If their accounts are using the Policies & Procedures feature, you can also see current versions of assigned Policies & Procedures here.




The Settings section will allow Learners to change their primary language preferences.  This will alter the language of the RLMS site, but does not change the language of the actual module content.  Language options are English (default), Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, and French.

Please Note: The language filter used to be managed by the Admin of an organization.  This feature is now enabled for all accounts by default.




Learners can click this button to securely end their sessions and log out of the RLMS.


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