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Licenses & Certificates

The Licenses & Certifications management tool makes it easy for Learners to track their license and certification requirements. Professional roles are mapped to states, which are then mapped to specific licenses, allowing quick searches for one’s correct state licensure or certification. The Licenses & Certifications Guide   tool supports the ability to add multiple licenses.  Please also see the Learner Support Portal  and Learner Quick Guide   to get started. 



Click Licenses & Certifications in the left panel. Then, click + Add Your License or Certification to enter your professional license information.



A pop-up window will appear with a State & License or Certification section, as well as a License or Certification Details section.  Any field with an asterisk (*) is a required field.



Choose Professional Role (this is a more generalized option, such as Nursing).


*** If you do not see your professional role listed, it is more than likely we do not have any accreditations or approvals that carry CEs for that role. Because we monitor regulations for each license & certification we list, we are unable to add professional roles that we do not hold any accreditations for. 


* Please Note: If the Learner does not have a professional license to add, you may choose General Staff / OtherMany times a Learner will need to have some type of license information added in order to print certificates (even generic certificates of completion). 



After selecting a Professional Role, choose the State where the Learner is licensed/certified.  Then, choose the License/Certification, which is the discipline of the Learner.  (this should be more specific).


As the information is being entered, any relevant Board and CEU regulation information will appear at the bottom  of the screen.  In the example below, a Registered Nurse in North Carolina can take ANCC approved courses to maintain licensure requirements. 


Once the license is added, the Learner can click "EDIT" at anytime to view this information again.



License or Certification Details


  • Enter Total Hours Required (how many hours of CE requirements that must be completed to maintain the license/certification each renewal period)
  • Enter Total  Hours Accepted (this determines how many CE hours can be done via  learning)
  • Renewal Period—how often does the license/certification renew?
    • Choose 12, 24, 36, or 48 months (as required by your state)
  • Set a Reminder window so the Learner can receive alerts of their upcoming renewal date
    • The Learner must have a valid email address in the system for this to work
    • Choose 2, 4, 8, or 12 weeks
  • Enter Professional Number (License Certification Membership)
  • Enter Next Renewal Date (choose a date from the calendar)
  • Click Save


**Please note that the Learner will be responsible for accurately tracking their continuing education requirements**

Upon clicking Save, a popup window will appear to ensure that the Learner has added their correct license and prefix, especially if it is a board we report for. CE Broker, ASHA, NAB, and OCDP all MUST have the correct license number input  immediately upon completion of the course in order for it to be reported correctly. (no space between the prefix and license number)



Continue to add as many licenses or certificates as needed.  Once a license has successfully been added to the site, it will look similar to this:

Browsing for Electives Using a License or Certificate

Once the Learner has successfully entered a License Type into the RLMS, they can browse for Elective courses by using filters to narrow down courses that meet their license requirements.


To do this, click on Assignments > + Browse Elective Courses > use the All Licenses/ Certificates filter to the find My License section.


Once the license(s) has been selected, the modules will filter to leave only those that are relevant to the license(s) that are selected.  This makes it much easier to select only modules that are relevant for the Learner's continuing education needs.


The first screenshot shows what it looks like with only one license added.



The second screenshot shows what it looks like if there are multiple licenses from which to select.  In this scenario, the Learner can choose to pick one of the licenses, or use All My Licenses to find courses that will count for BOTH (all) licenses at one time.



After the list of modules has been narrowed down, the Learner can click Enroll to the right of the module(s) they wish to take.  For more information on Electives, please view our article on Assignments.


Printing or Emailing Certificates

Printing and emailing certificates enables Learners to have physical copies of CE certificates, or even a copy of a generic certificate of completion for modules.  They can access the certificates by going to the Transcript tab under the Assignments section of Relias.


While viewing the Transcript tab, all completions will be displayed.  If the Learner wants to print or email a certificate for their license(s), they can use the All Licenses/Certifications drop-down filter to narrow down module completions that apply to the license(s) they select.



From there, the Learner can find the module they completed, and if they have completed the required evaluation, they should see a certificate icon listed next to the credit hours of the module.  Once they click on the certificate image, they will be taken to a new screen.  The Learner should be sure to fill out any required information (denoted by an asterisk *) on the form.


Under the License(s)/Certifications(s) section, the Learner should choose if this certificate should be printed for one, or multiple licenses (if applicable).  In this example, the Learner chose both licenses.



The next step for the Learner is to select which certificate(s) they want for this module.  Assuming the ANCC certificate applies for both licenses, the Relias Platform will know to print two, separate certificates with the relevant license information on each.


* Please Note: Pop-up blockers must be disabled in order to print certificates.


If the Learner would like to print the certificate(s), they must scroll up to the Print Certificate button. The certificate(s) will pop up in a new window, and the Learner can print the certificate(s) at that point.



If the Learner would like to email the certificate(s) they must select the Email Certificate button:




This will open a new window where a Learner's email from their User Profile will populate automatically. If there is not an email associated with the Learner's profile the Learner can enter an email address and select the "Send" button:



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