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A Dashboard is only visible to Learners when gamification is enabled, and is meant to act as a quick overview of their progress/success within the RLMS. Your Site Administrator will contact Relias to turn on this free feature. 


The Learner View Dashboard can be viewed from the Dashboard Tab on the Learner role. 


The Crest on the left side of the screen can be customized/decorated as they complete courses and earn coins.  The Upcoming Assignments section in the center will show the courses that are due soonest.




If enabled, the Leaderboard on the bottom left of the screen will enable the Learners to see how their “team” (department, hierarchy, etc.) is ranking among other teams within their organization in regards to compliance. 






Underneath the Upcoming Assignments section on the Dashboard Page, Learners may see the My News section. This Newsfeed will allow learners to see exciting posts made by fellow colleagues and share achievements with others.




Learners have the ability to share their personalized learning crests with colleagues, seals they have earned for completing training or seals received as gifts. When the action box appears where new seals are earned or gifts are received, they will have the opportunity to either Collect Rewards or Collect Rewards & Share. Choosing Collect Rewards & Share will add the update to the Newsfeed for their team.





Relias also has automatic posts that are filtered into the Newsfeed that occur when a learner's level changes based on completing training or if there are team leaderboard updates (when a team rank changes, winning teams of leaderboard competitions).


Announcements and Articles (formerly known as Announcements and the Newsfeed)


On the left side of the screen, Learners may see the Announcements & Articles section (this is dependent on site settings).  Announcements will allow them to view any information or updates shared by their organizations (the most important will have a green strip to the left and will appear at the top of the list). Articles are third-party news articles that are relevant to the industries Relias serves.  Learners can simply click on the title of either an announcement or article to view it.



The Leaderboard is a fun way to strike up healthy competition within an organization.  The Leaderboard will show Learners where their teams rank overall, and then shows them the other teams that are in competition with theirs for having the best compliance scores.  The Administrators of the RLMS can enable, edit, or disable the Leaderboard.  To find out more information about how to manage this feature, please view our Gamification --Managing the Leaderboard as an Administrator article.



Here is how the Leaderboard rank is determined:


  • Team Rank is based off of Score
    • Score is 70% average compliance percentage and 30% average final grade percentage
  • Average Compliance= average compliance percentage based off of the Course Status Report
  • Average Grade= average final exam percentage of all attempts across the entire team
  • Tie breaker is based off of average compliance



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