Gamification - Managing the Leaderboard as an Administrator

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Administrator View of the Leaderboard

The Leaderboard is where Learners can see how their team stacks up against other teams within their organization in regard to compliance and completion of modules within the RLMS.  While Learners can see this, the actual functionality is managed from the Administrator role. 

To have Gamification enabled, please contact Relias Support.



To manage, enable, or disable the Leaderboard, log in to the Relias Platform as an Administrator.  Then, click on the Settings tab and select the Leaderboard Properties on the left side of the screen.



This will open the Leaderboard Properties page.  From here, you can determine whether you want to enable/disable the Leaderboard.  If the Leaderboard is enabled, you can determine how you would like it to function.


Divide Teams By: You can choose to divide teams by hierarchy, user locations, department, job title, or any of the 3 available custom fields that you may be using.  It is important to note that you should only use an option that you are actually using within your data.  For example, if you do not have Job Titles listed within the site, or if you are only using it sparingly for some Learners, it would not be helpful to use that field to determine your teams. 


Reset Leaderboard Every: Choose how often you want the Leaderboard to reset.  This captures the team completion and compliance rates for the selected time to determine rankings.  You can select Quarterly, 6 months, or Yearly.


There is also an option to Reset Leaderboard.  If you choose to reset the Leaderboard, all of the team rankings are erased, and each team starts over at zero (0).

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Once you have selected how you want to break down your teams, you can click the Preview button to see what those teams will look like.  For this example, we are using this account’s Hierarchy as the teams. 


Learners can only belong to one hierarchy, but can belong to multiple Job Titles or Departments.  If you have Learners who are in multiple fields for the teams you are creating, or if you have Learners who are do not have that specific field listed in their profiles, the system will highlight them for you. 



After you have finalized the settings for your Leaderboard, be sure to click Apply in order for those changes to take effect. ("Apply" will only appear after you have selected "Preview")





Here is how the Leaderboard rank is determined:


  • Team Rank is based off of Score
    • Score is 70% average compliance percentage and 30% average final grade percentage
  • Average Compliance= average compliance percentage based off of the Course Status Report
  • Average Grade= average final exam percentage of all attempts across the entire team
  • Tie breaker is based off of average compliance



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