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Recording a Learner Self-Evaluation

You may see the Competency Tracker also listed as a Competency Review.

Administrators must create a Competency Tracker module with the correct settings in order to allow Learner Self Evaluations. For instructions on how to create a Competency Tracker module as an Administrator please read Creating a Competency Review



1. To view an assigned Competency Tracker that requires a self-evaluation, click Assignments in the left panel. then, click on the title of the module or the Take Now button from the Current Training tab.

2. Click the Start button next to the ‘Self-Evaluation’ lesson to begin recording your self-evaluation.


3. The Competency Tracker template will launch in a popup window.  Directions for filling out the Competency Tracker are located at the top of the window. 

    1. Rate yourself on each standard by clicking inside the numerical button that best describes your performance.
    2. Type any necessary comments in the comments box for each standard.
    3. Add any necessary additional comments in the additional comments box
    4. Once you are finished with your self-evaluation, click the blue Submit Competency Review button located at the top right of the popup window




4. Once you have submitted your self-evaluation, your evaluator will be able to see your self-evaluation including all scores and comments.  You are unable to edit your self-evaluation once it has been submitted.  The second lesson, ‘Review Final Competency Review Score & Submit Attestation’ will become available once your evaluator has recorded and attested to your final Competency Review.


5.You will receive an email alert when your evaluator has attested to and submitted your final Competency Review score.  The last step in the process is for you to review the scores and comments received, and to attest to the final Competency Review score.  To do so, login to your RLMS account and click on the title of the module or the Take Now button from the Current Training tab as you did in Step 1. Click the Start button next to the ‘Review Final Competency Review Score & Submit Attestation’ lesson to review your Competency Review scores as recorded by your evaluator.


7.You will be presented with a read-only copy of your final Competency Review in a popup window.  Please review the scores you received and any comments made by your evaluator.

    1. Scroll to the bottom of the popup window and click the checkbox next to the Learner Attestation where your name appears
    2. Click the blue Submit Final Competency Review button located in the top right corner of the popup window.  This will complete the Competency Review process and your Competency Review will be marked complete


8. You are able to see your completed Competency Review on your Transcript tab at all times.

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