Competency Tracker Detail

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Competency Tracker Detail

The Competency Tracker Detail Report will allow users with the correct reporting permissions at both the organization level and the individual competency review module level to:

  • View Competency Tracker scores for specific learners
  • Break down the Competency Tracker score by the individual score received per standard

If you have not already reviewed the training materials on Functions Common to Most Reports please do so before continuing with this report as many of the filtering options are very similar.

Section 1: Filter By Hierarchy allows you to filter your report based on hierarchy levels. You may choose to run this report for one specific hierarchy level or choose multiple levels to run.  If you wish to run the report for all Learners, leave this field blank.


Section 2: Filter by User Attributes allows you to filter which Learners will be included on the report. To run the report for all learners, leave these fields blank.


Section 3: Report Output will allow you to set the final parameters for your report.  For this report, you can choose to include completed, not completed, or all Competency Trackers. You can display each learner on a separate page, select the individual Learners' names (All are selected by default), and select the date range of the review completion or due dates. You can also add optional columns in this section. To see which extra information can be included in the report, click into the Optional Columns box and you will see a dropdown menu with all available options. Click on any of the options provided to add that information to the report.


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Below is an example of a Competency Tracker Detail Report:



For more reporting options on the Competency Tracker Module, please visit the  Competency Tracker Export article. 

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