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Importing Licenses and Certifications

While it is possible to add or edit licenses and certifications manually, it may not be the most convenient option if you need to add or edit a large number of Learners at one time.  In this scenario, it is better to use the Import Licenses and Certifications function. Administrators and Supervisors may manually add, edit or delete a user's license and certification data from this page. You can also filter current license information for your learners.


  • As an Administrator, click the Users tab, then click on the Licenses & Certifications section.
  • Click the Import Data link. You will need to have the Licenses and Certifications Spreadsheet completed prior to importing.  Please see below to download the file and to learn more about entering the user data into the spreadsheet. A list of available licenses and certifications is available through the "Export Available Licenses" link.

  • After preparing and saving the Licenses and Certifications Spreadsheet, please click Choose File/Browse (this depends on your browser).  Locate the .txt or .xml file on your computer and click open.


  • It is recommended to leave the Only validate the file option selected to verify that the import will be successful.  This will not upload the file, but will scan it to ensure that there are no major issues or exceptions that need to be corrected.
  • Click Upload.
  • If you are validating the file, the system will advise you if the file is likely to be successful or if any errors are found.
  • If the file has any errors, you will see a message similar to this one prompting you to download the results file.


  • If the file has no major exceptions or errors, you will see this message.  Please Note: this does not necessarily mean that your file is perfect or is not missing information, it merely means that there are no major errors that would prevent the file from importing.
  • Once you have validated the file, select Choose File/Browse again to select the same .txt or .xml file.
  • Uncheck the Only validate the file option. 


  • Click Upload.  Once the file is uploaded, the system will let you know if the import was successful.

import success.jpg  


If you would like to print these instructions in a PDF format  Click Here

The bulk spreadsheet is attached below, with instructions.




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