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What Are They?

BrainSparks are multiple choice questions sent to learners on select days after they complete a course. These are intended to re-engage the learner’s memory on key topics from courses in order to improve retention of the material. BrainSparks have been enabled for 40 of our top courses across verticals. All new courses and courses with major content revisions will have BrainSparks enabled.


Delivery and Completion Details:

  • Each enabled course contains 6 BrainSparks
  • Repurposed exam questions sent after course completion
  • One question delivered each day via email and through the mobile app (if enabled)
  • First batch –sent on days 2, 4, 6
  • Second batch – sent on days 30, 32, 34
  • These questions are not answered within the RLMS
  • Learners will receive coins for each BrainSpark completion. Coins are awarded as follows:
    • 50 for the first BrainSpark question completed
    • 100 for the second
    • 150 for the third
    • 200 for the fourth
    • 250 for the fifth
    • 300 for the sixth BrainSparks question that is completed



Email Delivery

Learners who complete a course with Brain Sparks enabled receive an email question (see below). Within the email a learner will select their response then is directed to a website that provides feedback, it does not require the learner to log into the RLMS. This includes the correct answer and percentages on the accuracy of all Relias learners who have responded.


Mobile App Delivery

Learners on the Relias Learning Mobile App who complete a course with Brain Sparks enabled will receive a Notification of the new BrainSpark and can access it in the “My Learning” tab (See Below). Learners will select the green arrow next to the BrainSpark and are prompted with the question. Once an answer is selected and the learner clicks “Submit” they are given immediate feedback including the correct answer as well as the percentage of learners throughout Relias Learning who have answered the question correctly.




Transcript Updates

BrainSparks completed via the Relias Mobile App or via email will display a progress bar on learner’s transcript tab in the RLMS. This shows the learner’s completion percentage out of the 6 total BrainSparks questions (see below).



Administrator Management

Administrators have the ability to turn BrainSparks on or off at the organization level or on each individual module. Admins can also view the questions that will be sent to learners upon completion of a module.


1. To manage the list of courses that have BrainSparks and disable BrainSparks for a single module:

a.)  Administrators can select the Training and Enrollment tab, then select Modules and Enrollment. Under Modules & Enrollment Administrators can access the BrainSparks Management section. Here Admins can filter their course list to see courses with BrainSparks enabled disabled or courses that do not contain BrainSparks.



b.) To disable BrainSparks for an individual module, Administrators can select the name of the module with BrainSparks enabled. In the Format section under Properties an Admin should select “No” under the "Allow BrainSparks"




2.  Administrators can see the 6 questions that will be delivered to learners as BrainSparks:

a.) Follow the steps above to access a module with BrainSparks enabled, then select the "BrainSpark" tab at the top of the module.



3. To disable all BrainSparks site-wide Administrators should go to Settings, then scroll down to Miscellaneous Site Settings and uncheck the box beside "Enable BrainSparks"




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