Course Star Ratings

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Course Star Ratings

Course star ratings display under the module's course code. This feature allows all Learners in the RLMS and on Relias Academy to review and provide optional feedback about Relias Learning courses.These are not reviews done by Relias, and should not be considered a rating that Relias is assigning to our modules.



Star ratings will appear for Administrators, Instructors, and Supervisors when accessing any module list throughout Relias (Modules and Enrollment, and adding modules to a training plan or report. For Learners these will appear when they select the "Browse Elective Enrollments" button.

To read a reviews Administrators, Instructors, and Supervisors can click on the stars in the module list and the reviews will open a new window:




To read and write reviews Learners must be enrolled into a course. Once enrolled, select the title of the course to access the course viewer. At the top of the page directly under the course title the stars can be selected:


Once the stars are selected within the course viewer, a Learner is brought to the bottom of the page to read and write reviews:

If a Learner clicks "Write a Review" they will be given an additional pop up to complete their review:


Required Fields: Overall Rating, Review Title, Review, Nickname, Email, and agreement to the Terms and Conditions.

Once completed the Learner can click the green "Post Review" button at the bottom of the window.



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