Impact Nation 2016 Presentation List

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Here's the full list of all presentations from Impact Nation 2016 in San Diego! 



September 13

9:00 AM

Dennis McCarter - So You're New to Relias? Save time & Enhance Staff Development Using the RLMS 

Erika Taylor - Maximizing the Value of Your Site Settings 

Julie Smith - Hotchalk: 21st Century Nursing - Things to Think About in Continuing Your Education 

Kristin Kinziger - How to Transition to a Culture of eLearning 

Maria Samot & Dana Thomas - Off to a Great Start: Planning Your Course 

Sara Seidel Beall - Time-Saving Best Practices: The HEART of the RLMS 


10:00 AM

Christie Onato - Best Practices: Training Compliance and Outcomes 

Dennis McCarter - Audit-Ready Reporting 

Maria Samot & Dana Thomas - Rubber, Meet the Road: Writing Your Course 

Rodney Staggers & Trudy Croxton - Blended Learning Compliance Program 

Tiffani Vines & Stephani Olnhausen - Automating Your RLMS: Let the Site Work for You 

Trey McLamb - Demonstrating the ROI of Online Training 


11:00 AM

Carol Clayton & Dr. Chris Reist - Supporting Payers and Providers in the Changing Market Place... 

Erika Taylor - Best Practices for Relias Administrators 

Karen McDonald - How to Use the RLMS to Shut the Back Door 

Maria Samot & Dana Thomas - Building your Course: Working with Authoring Tools 

Nancy Coni - Improving Efficiency Through Creative Use of Events 

Sara Seidel Beall - Right People, Right Place: Users & Hierarchy 


1:00 PM

Aaron Whiting - What Does a Mature & Successful Site Look Like? 

Charline Woods - Incorporating and Tracking Live Training in the RLMS 

Dennis McCarter & Laura Allender - Getting the Most Out of the RLMS Policies & Procedures Feature 

Maria Samot & Dana Thomas - Quality Assurance, Delivery & Iterations 

Sue Williams - Best Practices of Relias' Top Compliance Organizations 

Trey McLamb - Building Effective Curriculum 


2:00 PM

Candace Wallace - 7-Step Client Success Planf 

Carole Matyas - The Health Plan Perspective on Improving Performance & the Future of Value-Based Contracting 

Charline Woods - Gaming Elements: How to Engage Learners & Increase Compliance 

Jingyu Wang - Module Creation 101 

Maria Samot & Dana Thomas - Make Your Test the Best 

Matt Bowling - Performance Metrics and Competency Tracking: Workforce Tools Overview 


3:00 PM


September 14

9:00 AM

Jim Triandiflou - Happiness, Health, and the Meaning of Life 


10:00 AM


11:30 AM


1:30 PM

David Hare - Creating a Pathway to Success through Onboarding (CEU Session) 

Jan Wilson - Turnover With a Capital T! 

Maria Connelly - Whole Person Wellness From Both an Employee and Resident Perspective 

Martha Munro - Rocking Relias: LMS Full Engagement Tools 

Matt Bowling & Elisabeth Green - Overcoming Objections & Solving Problems in ELearning 

William Dombi - State of the Nation for Home Care, Home Health & Hospice 


2:30 PM

Heather Haugen - The Impact of Learning: How Leaders can Achieve the Clinical and Financial Outcomes They Expect 

Joe Parks - What State Medicaid Agencies Want from Payers and Providers 

Nick Beucke & Sara Seidel Beall - Make the Numbers Count 

Ron Orth - Quality Measures: Using Online Learning to Improve MDS and QM Accuracy 

Sue Williams - Best Practices and Tools for Staff Development 

Trudy Croxton - Creating a Fun and Engaging Training Culture 


3:30 PM

Dr. Linda Shell - Keep Calm and Carry On: Learning to THRIVE During Changing Times (CEU Session) 

Emaley McCulloch - Relias Institute: Evaluating the Impact of Learning 

Johnathan Clayborn - Curricula Development and Staff Learning 

Kris Rodgers - Powering the Passion for Online Engagement 

Tiffani Vines - On-Boarding New Hires: Make Your First Impressions Your Best 


September 15

9:00 AM

Product Keynote - It's Time to Mobilize 


10:00 AM

Shiza Shahid - The Power of Ordinary People to Create Extraordinary Change 

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