Manually Enrolling Learners in Modules

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Manually Enrolling Learners in Modules

While enrolling Learners into a training plan provides more structure and opportunities to schedule recurrences, there are times when it is beneficial to enroll Learners directly into a module. 


In order to enroll Learners into a module, you must first choose the module that you would like to assign.  For information on searching for modules, see the article Searching for Modules.  Once you have identified the module you wish to use, you can access the enrollment section by selecting the blue graduate next to the module title.



Once you click on the blue graduate icon, you will be taken to the Currently Enrolled screen. At the top of the screen, you will see a +Show Details link. This link will show you an overview of the module properties including description, credit hours, target audience, and certificates. As an Administrator, click the Modify button to view/modify properties of the module. As a Supervisor, click the Preview button to preview course content.


Administrator View:


Supervisor View:


Beneath the Module Properties section will be the Currently Enrolled section.  If Learners are already actively enrolled in the module you chose, you will see a list of those Learners on the screen. The course availability date and due date are included in the list. If the course is not yet available to the Learner, a padlock icon will be present on the left.



To begin enrolling Learners into the module, simply click on the Enrollment tab.  On this new page, you can search for the Learners you want to enroll, and set their due dates.  You can click the + Filters button to narrow down your Learners by user demographic parameters.  For example, you could look for all Learners assigned a specific job title.



After you have found the Learners you want to enroll, check the boxes next to their names (you can also click the topmost check box to select "All Users" who fit the parameters you have selected).


Also, be sure to assign a Due Date before you click Enroll.  Without a Due Date, the modules will show on the Learners' Current Training tab as an Elective, and they will have the option to withdraw from it.  If you assign a Due Date, the module will be required for the Learner to complete.  

Additionally, without a due date added there is no ability to run any report for the  "not completed" status of these enrollments. 




Once you have chosen the correct Learners and chosen the appropriate Initial Due Date(s), simply click Enroll.

If you need to remove Learners from a module, simply select the Learner name on the Currently Enrolled screen and choose Unenroll.  If the Learner is enrolled in the module through a training plan, you will not be able to unenroll them from the module directly.  You would need to unenroll that Learner from the entire training plan in order to remove this module from their current training assignments.


Provided there are due dates added, and the learner has an email in their profile, Learners will receive email notifications for these Module enrollments on the same schedule as Training Plans , beginning at 30 days prior to the due date of the module, on the organization's mail day. This will occur once weekly, until 5 days prior to the due date and then the learner will receive the warning email every day. 



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